John and Kelly React! Academy Awards Predictions, Part I: Best Films that Aren’t Best Picture

The 93rd Annual Academy Awards are happening LiVe FrOm UniON sTaTiOn on April 25th! Let’s see how many of our predictions are wrong!

Best Animated Short Film

Burrow, Genius Loci, If Anything Happens I Love You, Opera, Yes-People

John: Please God anything else but Pixar. 

Kelly: Anyone knows where I can actually watch/access these so I can actually make a prediction on this category?

Best Live-Action Short Film

Feeling Through, The Letter Room, The Present, Two Distant Strangers, White Eye 

John: See above. 

Kelly: See above.

Best Documentary Short Subject

Colette, A Concerto Is a Conversation, Do Not Split, Hunger Ward, A Love Song for Latasha

John: See above

Kelly: See above.

Best Documentary Feature

Collective, Crip Camp, The Mole Agent, My Octopus Teacher, Time

John: There are a lot of fascinating and really charming nominations this year. The three that really peak my interest are Collective, Crip Camp, and the very odd Mole Agent. I really love seeing real life hard hitting journalism, activism, and fighting some sort of injustices. If I had to guess which will take the prize either of these three would be worthy winners. 

Kelly: Ok, I’m not lying about this: there’s a Subreddit called OctopusFuckery and it’s become one of my favorites of the past two years. Baby octopi, grown octopi, octopi that change color, octopi that say thank you- they’re fascinating animals with lots of intelligence and empathy. That being said, My Octopus Teacher is probably one of the weirdest movie watching experiences I had. The guy does nothing but talk about himself and the octopus in relation to him. He also didn’t do the whole nature documentary thing right (talk about interference!) and I didn’t even learn anything new about octopi! There are other docs in here with much more timely topics- Collective or Crip Camp speaks more to today’s current events and might win out.

Best Animated Feature Film

Onward (Pixar), Over the Moon (Netflix), A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (Netflix), Soul (Pixar), Wolfwalkers (Apple TV Plus/GKIDS)

John: Why is Onward on here? Is that movie really up there with Wolfwalkers or Soul? I haven’t seen Shaun the Sheep but I know the series is pretty beloved so I’ll give it a pass. I think Over the Moon even being nominated is another huge win for Netflix’s animation division. If I had to pick a sure fire winner it would probably be Soul. It has all the staples of tropes that Oscar voters like. It’s Pixar and made people cry. That being said I would love it if Wolfwalkers took the gold. Both because it’s a non Disney film but also because it is traditionally animated.  

Kelly: I really like the Shawn the Sheep stuff, but let’s be real- this is going to Soul. It’s an animated movie that speaks to both children and adults, and it’s going to age really well. I don’t mind. It’s well deserving. In fact- I think Soul should have been nominated for Best Picture.

Best International Feature Film

Another Round (Denmark), Better Days (Hong Kong), Collective (Romania), The Man Who Sold His Skin (Tunisia), Quo Vadis, Aida? (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

John: I have a feeling Collective will take this one if it doesn’t win for documentary. That being said has any documentary ever been nominated for best picture????? 

Kelly: If Collective takes Best Documentary Feature, that eliminates its odds here. I’m going to say Another Round because DENMARK. Because I can. (Denmark has great movies and most of them star Mads Mikkelsen so there’s that.)

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