Kelly Cared A Lot For Most of I Care A Lot (2020)

Rating: I can give this a solid B

Summary: A con-woman takes legal guardianship over the wrong senior citizen.

In a nutshell, the acting is top notch, the dialogue is snappy, it’s bold and dark, and the movie doesn’t shy away from giving its characters absolutely no redeemable qualities. Seriously, there is no one to root for. Everyone sucks and you kind of want to see all of them get their fancy suits taken away in exchange for orange jumpsuits.

If there’s anything to take away from 2020, it’s that people like to do awful things and like it even better when they can get away with it! It’s a really good time to accept there are truly abhorrent people in the world, yet audiences have a weird mode where we don’t like to see bad people enjoy being bad, like it even less when we are expected to cheer for them, and demand that every single movie have an outright hero. You will need a different movie if you are one of those.

It’s an uncomfortable movie, to say the least. Guardianship is a bit of a trending topic lately, with the Britney Spears’ outrage and all. It’s not a topic I’m too familiar with, but I have absolutely no doubt that there are people out there who take advantage of the system- you know, like most systems. As much as rules and regulations attempt to keep the masses honest, there are always a few shitheads who don’t play nice. Maybe that’s an understatement because according to this movie, everyone in the guardianship system is either completely out for themselves or woefully oblivious, as if they just don’t want to believe that someone could possibly take advantage over sweet, elderly folks.

Especially when that someone is a glamorous Rosamund Pike and oozes coolness in her well-tailored suits, exhibits no remorse, and enjoys her work- manipulating judges and doctors to be granted guardianship over seniors and their assets (and thus, their finances) to fund her lifestyle. She’s badass here and has a lot of material to show off a really wide range- I’ve always thought she was highly underutilized and deserves to be in the conversation with Other White Blonde Actresses. “Blah blah blah, none of the characters are likable and therefore Pike was awful”- come on, people. Why is it so cool and complex when Leonardo DiCaprio or Matthew McConaughey plays a corrupt trainwreck but such a transgression when a woman plays the same type of character?

This was a good movie. A stylish movie with lots of uncomfortable humor, sure, but a fun movie. Or at least it started off that way. The first half is excellent and really easy to get into, but it kind of goes off the rails for me after the first hour or so- lots of endings. It’s weird how many endings there are!

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