Oscar Predictions: Part III

Next up, we got the finishing touches- sound, effects, costumes, and make up.


1917; Ford v Ferrari; Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood; Joker

John: I had to google the difference between the sound categories so I’m not a proper judge of who is deserving here. Then again if an academy of mostly actors gets to decide these things then I guess my lack of expertise is just as valid? I have a feeling 1917 is going to rack up the technical categories. 

Kelly: I didn’t see it but rumor has it that Ford v Ferrari was a killer in sound and was one of the few Dolby movies to make proper use of that theater sound system. I don’t… exactly remember the sound quality of Once Upon a Time or Joker (aside from the score), so I’m not sure why those are nominated, but ah. It’s either Ford v Ferrari or 1917.


1917; Ford v Ferrari; Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood; Ad Astra; Joker

John:  This is going to 1917 unless they’re going to throw it over to Joker. 

Kelly: I’m also going to say Ford V Ferrari for this one as well for the same reasons above. I also just realized that Ad Astra and Star Wars are only nominated for one sound category, so I’m inclined to think neither of those will win. Where the HELL is Rocketman in all this!?


Avengers: Endgame; The Lion King; Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; The Irishman; 1917

John: This is a really solid batch of nominees. Although I detested The Lion King, it’s photorealism was truly groundbreaking. Endgame’s compositing is pretty seamless as far as my non-VFX expertise is concerned. The de-aging effects in The Irishman are really good, but awkward in certain moments. Rise of Skywalker’s effects was great, but it is still dead to me. I have yet to see 1917, but from behind the scenes footage I’ve seen, it looks outstanding.  

It’s anyone’s game really. 

Kelly: I can’t give this to The Irishman because there’s something still really off about that CGI for me. Like if you ever played Grand Theft Auto 5 and you were fully aware that it was a video game but Michael’s character had strangely profound eyes. Same vein. I mean, this might win wince it can potentially prolong people’s on-screen careers, right? I can see this going to Avengers: Endgame or 1917. I think 1917 had terrific use of practical effects and CG while Avengers relied a little more heavily on CG; so if the Academy is voting the same way they did for Ex Machina a few years back (“It’s not a blockbuster, it’s an ACTOR’S piece”), it’s 1917 all the way. If Avengers takes it, does that mean Marvel fans will quit whining about future movies not being nominated or “It made a billion dollars! Nominate it!”? Please say yes.

If you couldn’t tell, still mad that at least one of the Apes movies never won this. And also, where is Detective Pikachu? Look at that fur!


The Irishman; Ford v Ferrari; Parasite; Joker; Jojo Rabbit

John: Parasite is a god damned masterclass in how simple editing tricks can elevate the most mundane of scenes. If I were the one picking that one would win hands down. However, I will also commend Jojo Rabbit and Joker for their exceptional editing as well. 

Kelly: Can anyone tell me if Ford V Ferrari has the same cuts as Hot Fuzz, because if so, then Ford V Ferrari. For the sheer amount of material to work with, The Irishman is a good pick for this one; but I’d also like to see Jojo Rabbit take this one because it’s pacing is one of the many components that make this movie so charming. Also, missed opportunities for Rocketman and Midsommar


Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood; Little Women; The Irishman; Jojo Rabbit; Joker

John: Ah, the period piece category. As much as I was lukewarm on Once Upon a Time, it’s costume work elevated the time period with style. Jojo Rabbit used its costume design to illustrate the inherent absurdity of Nazi regalia to great effect. Personal bias makes me rooting for Little Women; I am an absolute sucker for 1800’s fashion. Joker has the one iconic look, which is a great look. However, I wouldn’t give an award for a singular costume. 

Kelly: Out of these options, I like the palettes of Little Women and Jojo Rabbit the best and both make their respective time periods much more stylish than we would typically think BUT I’m all about big skirts and corsets when it comes to this category, so Little Women is my pick. But I do think Once Upon a Time will take this for “Oh yeah, remember how great we (Hollywood) were back in the day” purposes.

I wish Us had been nominated here. There wasn’t anything with more intention than the way that movie used the color red.


Bombshell; Joker; Judy; Maleficent: Mistress of Evil; 1917

John: If I’m being honest this is one of those categories that I’m sure most of the academy doesn’t pay attention too. Remember when they gave it to Suicide Squad over Star Trek Beyond??? Ridiculous. Joker is going to win this one because it is the most high profile.

Kelly: Huh. Was make-up really that tame this year? Where were all the other prosthetics? Like they literally slapped some paint and eyebrows for this one, aside from Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones and apparently Charlize Theron’s brow. It would have been really cool to see Us nominated in this category- some simple yet effective make-up that achieved its job of scaring the bejeezus out of me. Especially the daughter. Shudder.

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