Oscar Predictions: Part II

We’re onto shorts, foreign language, animated, docs, and the like. We’ve come to the conclusion that these need to be more accessible because we don’t know where we would even go to watch these.


South Korea, Parasite; Spain, Pain and Glory; France, Les Misérables; North Macedonia, Honeyland; Poland, Corpus Christi

John: Parasite is going to take this one, and it deserves to take home the best overall picture. Knowing the academy they will just give them this and they will write it off when it comes down to the big prize. Honestly it’s a damn shame but that’s Hollywood for you. 

Kelly: Parasite is this year’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, probably taking home Best Foreign Language, maybe getting one or two technical things, but not Best Picture. It’s one of the most talked-about movies this year. I’d be surprised if this fell short in this category.

Then again, it could turn out like Pan’s Labyrinth, walking away with some high tech awards but not Best Foreign Language. How the FUCK did that movie lose?


In the Absence; Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl); Life Overtakes Me; St. Louis Superman; Walk Run Cha-Cha

John: I plead ignorance for this category. Learning to Skateboard is the only one that I’ve really heard of but I hope whoever wins gets to get enough time to say their piece and not get played off with the music. 

Kelly: I’m completely ignorant on these, so I’m going to do what the majority of the Academy does and pick one at random. I’m going to say Walk Run Cha-Cha, because it sounds like something heartwarming.


American Factory; The Edge of Democracy; Honeyland; For Sama; The Cave

John: The most buzz I hear is that American Factory will take this category for its relevance in our current state of affairs. I also see The Edge of Democracy taking it.  

Kelly: I wonder if Edge of Democracy will take this one. It’s a way to award Netflix and it can also serve as compensation if their other works don’t take home the big prizes. I can see American Factory taking this home in an effort to snare the Obamas.

TL;DR, Hollywood loves politics, but it loves itself more.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World; I Lost My Body; Klaus; Missing Link; Toy Story 4

John: FINALLY, A YEAR WHERE A MEDIOCRE DISNEY FILM ISN’T NOMINATED. This has been a fantastic year for animation and each film is deserving of praise. The only real outlier being Toy Story 4. I mean it was good and even tear-jerking, but it felt like a movie that didn’t need to exist. Like El Camino, it was a nice yet unnecessary epilogue. 

I believe the best-animated picture prize should really go to Klaus for it’s reigniting of the traditional animation flame. It’s picking up where the artform left off in the early 2000s with an international team of artists just for the art of it. I’m hoping that the major studios pick up on the buzz around this film and begin a resurgence of traditional animation. 


Kelly: Missing Link won the Golden Globe and a few other awards, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it walked away with this one. I’m personally a huge fan of Forky in Toy Story 4, as well as the leaps and bounds the animation has come since the first one. The texture on the toys is just sublime. But TS3 won a few years ago. I’d like to see something new to win. It would be cool if I Lost My Body won and if this category continued to recognize new achievements in the medium.


Dcera (Daughter); Hair Love; Kitbull; Memorable; Sister

John: I’m all about Hair Love taking this one seeing as how I’ve been following that one since it was just a children’s book. It would also score another win for Sony Animation. 

Kelly: I’d really like to see Hair Love take this one. It’s one of those shorts that encompasses a lot of emotions and a larger arc of identity through loss, while also adding in personal, cultural touches.


Brotherhood; Nefta Football Club; The Neighbors’ Window; Saria; A Sister

John: I feel like there should be more accessible to the general public because I have no clue. 

Kelly: Another category I’m oblivious to. I’ll go with Saria, just because.

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