Kelly’s Not Ready. Ready or Not (2019)!

Ready or Not 002Rating: C+

Summary: A bride plays a game of hide and seek with her new in-laws.

It’s been a so-so year for movies and I’ve been trying to pay better attention to who is realeasing what, studio-wise, rather than the faces on the poster. This is technically a Fox Searchlight movie, distributed by Disney after it was acquired by the Great Mouse Machine and I found it an interesting selection, considering what have been given a thumbs down by Disney. There are no huge names attached to this, it doesn’t have room for a franchise (not even a sequel), and it’s pretty gory.

It’s a simple premise. Grace has married into the Le Domas family, who has an empire of board games. As her initiation into the family, she has to select a game from a deck of cards and the game she pulls is Hide and Seek. The rest of the family takes this as a sign that she doesn’t belong in the family and according to tradition, they have until dawn to kill her in their family mansion.

It’s, ah… it sounds more fun than it actually is. There’s a lot of weird violence they could have experimented with in this setting (like what does a death in the Conservatory or Ballroom look like?) but it’s actually pretty tame for the most part (minus the use of blood).

I wanted to like this movie, and for the most part, I did. The best way to describe it is that it was enjoyable in the moment, but I didn’t have much to say after it was over and I don’t think I would watch it again. It offered some unique things, but I didn’t have to think hard. It was thrilling and suspenseful, but it lacked in theme and intellect. Nothing overarching about marriage or in-laws or the pressure of weddings. If it had a little bit more punch in these things, like a real satire of its subjects, I’d gladly raise it to a B.

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