The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: August Releases!

In this monthly feature, we predict which movies will live up to their expectations, the bad movies that might be good, and the ones we… don’t quite know how to feel about!

The Good: Where’d You Go, BernadetteAugust 001

Kelly: This is one of the first movies this year that I would consider an awards contender or at least something that’s vying for a Golden Globe. You can’t really go wrong with Cate Blanchett and it’s about time we had a female-driven comedy about someone’s professional life. It looks charming and engaging without being too over the top. Plus… this might get some unexpected tears from me.

Blinded by the Light (2019)

John: I first heard of this film when it was making the rounds in the festival scene, and I was immediately hooked by the premise. I think there is no greater feeling than discovering an artist, song, or an album that immediately just fits into your life almost like a puzzle piece. From the trailer, it feels like they’ve made that feeling into a movie!

The Bad: Dora and the Lost City of GoldAugust 003

John: As someone who was too old for Dora the Explorer when it originally came out, I have zero interest in seeing this movie. To be fair, I’m down for any time a mainstream film comes out featuring a majority Mexican cast. Just don’t see me bawling my eyes out like I did for Coco.  

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

John: I have only seen the first Fast movie. So I have no clue what the hell this movie is about. However, it looks like everyone is having a good time in the trailer! I could use a dumb for dumb’s sake movie with hunky frienemies fighting Idris Elba! 

Kelly: I’m all for dumb action movies that relish in the fact that they are dumb action movies and this is an all star cast of badasses doing stunts that defy physics. The Rock, Statham, Elba- literally the only thing that would make this better is Jason Momoa and I sleep peacefully at night knowing they tried.

Angel Has Fallen

Kelly: You know what I said about bad movies that relish how bad they are? The Fallen series is the exact opposite of that- it takes itself a little too seriously, Butler has little to no charisma, and it’s not quite… fun enough. On the fence with this one.

The Ugly: Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkAugust 004

Kelly: Our boy Del Toro is producing this one and heading back into his horror roots. I read all the books (with the truly terrifying artwork) when I was a kid and all I can say is that the trailers get the aesthetics down 100%. I’m interested in seeing how all the short stories come together and more than that, it’ll be fun to introduce this series to a new generation who has gone this long without reading about a woman with spiders in her face.

Good Boys

John: I always miss when children can curse like sailors in films, but it looks like I may get it in abundance with this flick. I got a few laughs from the previews, and the young actors are pretty likable. It looks endearing and a little nostalgic, but I’m not sure if that’s enough to carry an entire film. Middle schoolers yelling obscenities loses its charm after a while. Ask anyone who has ever played any multiplayer game. 


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