Kelly Gives Stuber (2019) a Five Star Review!

Stuber 001.jpgRating: B-

Summary: An Uber driver helps out his passenger, who happens to be a detective on a mission.

I digress, when I say five stars, it’s by no means an A or even an A-. That’s my level of enjoyment. People, you’re allowed to like bad movies. There’s no problem saying, “This wasn’t that good, but I had a great time!”

Stuber is pretty much that. It’s a simple, uncomplicated premise, led by muscle head Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani- of course, it’s not a dark comedy about existential crisis or a movie within a movie or satirical social commentary. It’s a buddy cop movie about Uber. Let’s not expect more than that. (Wait, what was the last great buddy cop movie?) There are some movies that you’re supposed to just sit back and turn your brain off.

Sure, the action isn’t shot very well. I think Nanjiani is stronger than Bautista in his line delivery and the action is pretty basic enough where someone else probably could have stepped in- listen, this movie was made for $16 million. Nanjiani’s other summer movie, Men in Black: International, cost $100 million more. And I’d rather watch a second viewing of Stuber if given a choice. It was fun. It’s much more clever than I was expecting and that does a great job of offsetting the dumb action. About 40% of Stuber feels like a few people sat around and conjured up some really silly premises- a fight in a hot sauce factory. A fight with endless weapons in a sporting goods store. Yeah, I had a really good time with this. The jokes are well delivered, the two leads have really good chemistry, and there’s enough ridiculous action to match the equally silly premise. There are more pros than cons here.

Now, with that… I don’t think it deserves a lot of the hate it’s been receiving, but I also don’t know if it necessarily deserved a theatrical release. You could probably wait until Netflix or whatever streaming service Disney will have to watch this. It falls into the same category as Tag for me- I had a good time but there wasn’t anything exceptional that I needed to see in a movie theater with a great screen and a great sound system. It was one of my more enjoyable theater experiences with a comedy movie, though. And I like to think that everyone in the theater with me walked out feeling a bit more cheerful.

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