The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: July Releases!

In this monthly feature, we predict which movies will live up to their expectations, the bad movies that might be good, and the ones we… don’t quite know how to feel about!

GBU July 001The Good: Spider-Man: Far from Home

Kelly’s out on this one, but ½ of us is all in on the third Spider-man movie in 12 months. Tom Holland has proven himself in the red suit and now it’s a matter of if he can truly lead his own movie without RDJ to back him up. The movie spends some time in Venice, so we might get some different action, a much welcome change, and there’s a new villain to possibly look forward to- if Mysterio turns out to be the mole we think he is. Most of all, it’s Holland’s spot-on teenage stream of consciousness and Zendaya’s smirks that will get us through this one- and we’re expecting LOTS so that’s a good sign.


This is one that seems to have captured a lot of attention on its own without being part of a franchise- even Jordan Peele has praised it! We like horror if it involves a large group of people shielding their eyes and cringing at the same thing (it’s good to go into these kinds of things with others). Midsommar hits on quite a few interesting topics (cults! Cults are crazy interesting), so we’re all in on this one… we’ll just watch from the safety of our palms.

GBU July 003The Bad: Stuber

Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista in buddy cop Uber movie? Ex-WWE guy Batista is taking the Dwayne Johnson Route (Batista can check off Walking Tall here), but with just a teaspoon of the charisma (he wasn’t very good), so we’re not expecting much from this except for Nanjiani to do a lot of the quippier heavy lifting. He has great timing and has great chemistry with everyone when he’s in human form. We’ll see how far Batista can ride the Drax train, but we don’t expect it’s too far.

The Ugly: Where do we start?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

We really enjoyed the work of Quentin Tarantino, but the stories that have surfaced about him and his associates don’t make us gush over his work like we used to. We also kind of wonder what would make someone glorify or at least try to lighten the work of a serial killer. The cast is already a slam dunk and Leonardo Dicaprio already has us laughing- we’re just not sure how we want to feel about the whole thing.

The Lion King

Whoever isn’t a huge fan of the original can leave right now! The fantastic animation and wonderful music of the 1994 version are what holds it together and unfortunately, one of those is missing in this remake. The colors pale in comparison (seriously, grey and brown murkiness is just not good, people!) and the characters seem to have lost a lot of the little nuances in their expressions in the efforts to make them more realistic. Another miss- there’s just no bass to Chiwetel’s scar. We love the dude, we just needed something more Tywin-y.

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