Kelly Cried During Toy Story 4 (2019)!

TS4 003Rating: … but it still only gets an A-

Summary: Our favorite toy cowboy desperately tries to make his new kid happy.

“But it made you cry! It should get an A!” I don’t disagree with you. I just think that I’m out-Disneyed this year. This was, by far, on the better scale of things, but I’m just kind of over it. Given this or something like Yesterday (review pending!) or Rocketman, I’m going to lean towards one of those.

That aside, I’m glad to say that Toy Story 4 is a sequel well worth watching and full of laughs and tears. I really like how dependable this series is; yet, Disney’s not churning out sequels when it very well could be one of the more exploited franchises. There’s something very admirable about how in 20+ years, there’s only been four of these in the age of sequels. In comparison, the MCU has 20+ movies in almost half the amount of time. In a closer span of 18 years, there have been TEN Fast and Furious movies. I know you can’t necessarily compare the Toy Story movies with those others, but it genuinely feels like they wait for a spark of genius, a mix of theme and story, to bring the next segment of Woody’s story. What adds to it is that each outing has a beginning and end. Each movie is a clear component of a series while also being very watchable on its own.

I initially had a lot of hesitance to this movie, because Andy so selflessly handed off his toys to a child in need at the end of what was a very perfect movie that would end a near perfect trilogy- and what was Woody without Andy? Despite not showing his face, Andy is extremely present in Woody’s new life and the movie cleverly delves on the theme of purpose in life- what it means to be past their prime, finding new excitement, and accepting the future.

Without giving anything away, there’s something very emotional about watching a kid’s object grow up. Toy Story has always felt very mature and reflective on the subject of childhood, but this one hits a little harder… I think I finally realized that even though most of my attention back in the day was geared towards Harry Potter and other stuff, I grew up with Woody just as much as I did with Princess Jasmine. And with this outing, I realized that I didn’t just grow up with Woody, but Woody grew up with me.

Is… is someone cutting onions?

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