Kelly Wants to Like Men in Black: International (2019)… but doesn’t!

MIBI 001Rating: C-

Summary: A new agent discovers a mole in the renowned protectors of the universe.

As a big fan of the original Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones Men in Black, I was pretty excited for this. Not that I had high hopes in the traditional sense, but I was expecting some chuckles and to at least enjoy myself along the way. To say I was disappointed would be an overstatement- I’m just a little… indifferent.

This movie exists. It’s not boring nor is it unfunny but it’s nothing spectacular or mind-boggling, there’s nothing revolutionary about it. There is some interesting stuff in here- but it gets bogged down by a few forced plot points, a chatty sidekick (like if Porgs could talk), and a twist that I don’t think this movie needs. There are a lot of unnecessary things in here, including an old girlfriend, a motorcycle chase, an alien from childhood, etc. (Can we PLEASE get Rebecca Ferguson out of this whole Scorned Love Interest role?) It’s very anecdotal, but it doesn’t serve the relationship between our two leads, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. In no way do they feel stronger or more trusting as a team by the end of the move and the whole movie fails to bring them together in a real buddy cop kind of way.

Surprisingly, there’s not as much natural chemistry between Thompson and Hemsworth. I don’t know if it’s the fault of the script (Thompson is excellent, really) or a repetitive act (Hemsworth’s big dumb jock schtick might have run its course) but the dynamic is just a little too… cool. Cool to the point where the dialogue is stiff. It’s a different enough relationship- Thompson’s M is a toned down Hermione Granger and Hemsworth’s H is a laid back charmer- but both are just a little too aloof, and it’s less jabby than it should be. I laughed, but it was by no means memorable. It looks like this was shelved in favor of special effects but while the gadgets are cool, it’s simply not enough to keep me invested.

I don’t think this needs to be a play by play of Jones and Smith, but let’s be honest- if the chemistry and laughs are what kept people returning to the original, then it would be unwise to not focus or work on this as much. It can be something different, but it needs to be just as strong.

Some part of me wishes they had made this a Thompson Squared roadshow between Ms. Tessa and the woefully underused Emma Thompson (LEGEND). They have more fun together in five minutes than [Tessa] Thompson and Hemsworth do for the majority of the movie but alas. Can’t risk another Ghostbusters reaction, can we?

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