The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: June Releases!

In this monthly feature, we discuss the movies we’re looking forward to, the ones we kind of don’t want to see but will watch anyway, and the ones we’ll see sans expectations!

GBU June 002The Good: Men in Black: International

John: I will watch anything with Tessa Thompson in it, especially if there is a Hemsworth close by. Aside from that, I love the original MIB. I’m hoping this flick will build upon the established worldbuilding. I am a bit weary seeing as how the trailers are very lacking showing the actual aliens. Regardless this flick looks like a really fun and interesting popcorn flick. Also, Kumail Nanjiani is playing a tiny alien sidekick! That’s a win in my book!  

Kelly: The original MIB is probably in the top five on my list of most watched movies (not always by choice). DAMN it’s a good time, and it’s mostly due to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. If chemistry is the vehicle of that movie, then we shouldn’t have any problem with Thompson and Hemsworth. I’m expecting a different kind of dynamic but in a positive way. It looks like they’re taking a few risks and opportunities to show us some old stuff in new ways, which I don’t mind with reboots. Bonus- I get TWO Thompsons in this. Emma, I love you!

The Bad: Dark PhoenixGBU June 001

Kelly: It’s fair to say the X-Men franchise is dying and I’m over the insistence that Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Professor X (James McAvoy) remain at the center of the story. I’m starting to think that Fassbender makes poor professional decisions and I could never buy McAvoy in this role, to be honest. Hrm. However, this movie gives me hope that they’re handing the heavy lifting over to Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and maybe some new blood. Turner’s come a long way and as her turn as Sansa Stark revealed- she’s a great actress. If Seasons 6-8 of Game of Thrones are any indication, she’s more than capable of handling the many different levels of the character. And if the studio is smart, they’ll use Turner’s popularity as an opportunity to leverage the next generation of cast members and get rid of the ones who have outstayed their welcome.

John: The red trench coat is an omen. I’m not expecting much out of this movie, but I’ll see how it plays out. Sophie Turner is criminally underutilized so I am hoping that she will get plenty of opportunities to shine in this part. Unless they tone down the Phoenix character… Again. Other than that, I’m excited to see what will probably be Fassbender’s last turn as Magneto. MARVEL, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP HIM IN THIS ROLE. I’m not hoping for a train wreck but would not be surprised if it happens.

The Ugly: Toy Story 4

John: I feel like this is a completely unnecessary movie that takes away the impact of the third installment. That being said the introduction of children being able to create sentient living beings out of plastic eating utensils has me intrigued. If a spork with googly eyes can come to life, why not other non-toy objects??? Will this film finally explain how toys are able to gain sentience??? Probably not. I don’t want to jump on this movie unfairly. Pixar delivers 80% of the time so I’ll give it a chance, but I won’t be surprised if I’m not blown away.  

Child’s Play

Kelly: I haven’t seen the original with Brad Dourif (underrated actor!), but Mark Hamill voicing anything intrigues me. Also, this has Aubrey Plaza and Bryan Tyree Henry aka Paper Boi, and that’s just weird. It’s weird! Will it work? Will it be good in a bad way? Will it be bad in a bad way? How funny will it be? There are so many ways this can go and I just kind of want to see it all go down.

2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: June Releases!

    1. My apprehension of TS4 is that… well. I don’t know if I’ll enjoy a Toy Story that’s not related to Andy’s coming of age. Not sure how it will work into all of that and I’m not sure if I’ll be “there” emotionally. The last one closed the series on such a perfect note!

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