Kelly Had a Great Time at Avengers: Endgame (2019)! [Spoiler-free Review!]

Endgame 002Rating: I’ll give this an A-, sure.

Summary: The remaining Avengers must figure out how to fix Thanos’ work from Infinity War.

Ok, fine. As much as I’ve been raging against the Disney machine as of late, I’ll give this an A-. I can’t deny that it’s hugely impressive, thoroughly entertaining, and plays its emotional beats exceptionally well. Congrats Marvel, congrats Russos, you did it. You made going to the movies fun again.

There are a couple of things here and there I could have used more of (like, color! Let’s get away from this murky grey battlefield shindig), but there’s a lot that I really enjoyed. There were a lot of twists and unexpected surprises- genuine moments of delight and “Yup, that’s cool.” Most of my negatives comes from people I could have done without, but this comes down to my personal preference/distaste for characters. There were moments that didn’t necessarily work for me but I’m sure other people are more invested in those participating characters than I am; and at the same time, there are a number of characters I care about that no one else does and therefore no one cares if they don’t get a line. When you have a movie of 40+ protagonists running around, you can’t catch ’em all.

[Or can you, because I was honestly offended by that Girl Power moment even more than the one in Infinity War, plus there’s a character that’s in there and all two of her lines revolve around her romantic interest and there’s so much more to her than that otherwise I’m a huge fan of her, and third, Danai Gurira gets the short end of the stick, but then again I get so much Nebula so I’m not really that mad and I admit I’m totally nitpicking at this point?]


I have to say I was completely cynical going into this because I’m suffering from franchise fatigue as well as this… weirdly overemphasis surround the MCU: “A three-hour movie, that’s too long!” From the 90s to the mid-2000s, we practically grew up on those. “The first complete universe of characters that’s culminating in one movie?” [looks around] We just had Harry Potter. “It took them twenty movies for us to feel so connected to these characters.” [ticks off five or six franchises that achieved this in less entities.] “They’re making a stand for women now!” O…k. Sure they are. Like, step back and take a look. Just because someone might die in Endgame, that’s not the end of the world. The franchise isn’t ending and you got five or six movies with your favorite characters. That’s more Oliver Wood than I’ll ever see and definitely more Boromir than I’ll ever get.

Endgame 004

To really win me over and get an A, a film has to not only be technically sound, but I need to be invested. It has to make me want to rewatch it and also cry. I need to shed tears and I need to want to do it again. That being said, I’m lukewarm on more than half of the MCU works and I can only say I was really impressed or would rewatch maybe five movies of what we’ve had up to Endgame. (The first Captain America, Civil War, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 because Michael Rooker, and… and.) From my POV- and I loooooove a good cry during movies and I’ve done it during Armageddon, a solid C-movie- the MCU hasn’t earned my tears yet. To date, the only MCU movie that has made me somewhat misty is Captain America because Cap and Peggy are my MCU equivalent of Jon and Ygritte and it’s a beautiful, pure relationship… and Ygritte is just… sniff… where was I?

Oh, and no, I didn’t cry at the end of Infinity War because the practical side in me was like, “Black Panther just made a billion dollars, so Chadwick Boseman must be collecting another paycheck.”

Endgame 003

Anyway, I’m building this up because by the end of the movie, something miraculous happened: I did feel emotionally invested in what I just saw and I walked away feeling like maybe… maybe I did like more MCU movies than I thought? (No, because I don’t care to rewatch any of them to find out.) That, and I cried. Like, a full tear fell from my eye by the end and I wistfully dabbed it away, feeling good about its source.

So the tears are there. And rewatchability? I’d love to rewatch parts of it, but as far as all three hours go… meh. I mean, I had fun, but it was a lot. I think if I skip over a few parts, I’ll be good and I’ll really love it. There is quite a lot to love here and it’s a hell of an achievement. You got me, Marvel. You got me!

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