John and Kelly React! Oscar Snubs!

John has really strong feelings about Spider-Verse (as usual), Kelly pushes A Quiet Place, and everyone craps on Bohemian Rhapsody. Check out who we think are the biggest snubs at this year’s Oscars! Let us know who the Academy missed out on!

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Kelly: Those Academy Award nominations are out and there are some conspicuous titles missing. Off the top of your head, who is missing from the pack of “best”? The most glaring one for me is If Beale Street Could Talk, which has gotten almost universal praise and was seemingly displaced for Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book. That one divided audiences and I’m honestly surprised it made its way in.

John: Best Picture? Yes. Beale Street has had nothing but positive praise since release. If I had to guess, this would be a tactic to draw eyeballs to the awards. Bohemian Rhapsody was the “people’s movie” so it only makes sense it’s here. Do I think its worthy? Hell no.

Kelly: I’d say the same thing about Green Book. It was extremely surface level and didn’t bother even trying to get into the subject it was using. A feel-good movie that defeats racism. It screamed of Oscar bait- and it got it. I adore Viggo Mortensen and I will be the first one to say he did not deserve this nomination- that’s how lukewarm I am about Green Book.

John: Agreed. I have to say that Vice also falls into that category for me as well. It’s an above average film, but not one of the best films of 2018.

Kelly: I really liked Vice for being so bold and just… different. I don’t think it was a home run, but I understand it.

John: As a placeholder I get it, but the film to me felt like a slightly more sophisticated Saturday Night Live skit with a bigger budget.

Kelly: As far as Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody go, I would have much rather seen that spot go to something that was a sleeper (A Quiet Place) or very genre-heavy (Spider-Verse). Something that was both well received and somewhat groundbreaking for what it was.

John: A Quiet Place could have easily fit, and you already know my thoughts on Spider-Verse.

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Kelly: I’m also surprised that Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is nowhere to be seen for Documentary. It was the one white guy America could agree on this year. Script-wise Steve McQueen and Widows weren’t nominated- and I take it personally that Daniel Kaluuya wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

John: Agreed. He could have easily taken Sam Rockwell’s place. Or for that matter Michael B. Jordan for Black Panther.

Kelly: You just hate Sam Rockwell this year.

John: Dude, I love Sam Rockwell 24/7. I just don’t think he deserved the nomination.

Kelly: Lots of solid work was looked over. I think Tessa Thompson in Sorry to Bother You would have been a solid pick for Supporting Actress, as well as Constance Wu for the lead in Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a blank slate role that she made incredibly personal and intimate. Also, I didn’t see it but suspiciously missing is the Annual Ryan Gosling Lovefest. First Man is nowhere to be seen, neither is Damien Chazelle, and Justin Hurwitz is missing in Best Score. I didn’t see them. But there’s always this group of people that get nominated no matter who sees what AKA Denzel Washington in Roman Esquire, Ezekiel, Macbeth, IV.

John: I guess First Man just couldn’t… take off?

Kelly: You are terrible.

John:  Accurate, though. Some nominees are just so they show up. This is more of a personal snub but I thought Sorry to Bother You could have easily fit into the Best Picture, Best Directing, and Best Cinematography categories. The movie is admittedly weird but its bold and different in ways most movies don’t want to.

Kelly: I would have figured at least Best Original Screenplay for that one. That felt like a “Boots Riley isn’t really our scene” kind of snub. If you could subtract one nomination and make an addition to any category, what would you pick?

John: I would most definitely subtract Bohemian Rhapsody for Best Picture. I genuinely believe it doesn’t deserve to be in the company of the best of 2018. I’m fine with Malek getting the nom, but mediocrity shouldn’t be rewarded.

Kelly: Can animation be nominated for Best Editing?

John: … I mean it should. It’s not a one and one comparison to live action editing

Kelly: I imagine it’s live action looking down their noses at animation.

John: I’m going to pass on this one, my knowledge of the animation pipeline goes dark when it comes to the editing side of things. But I will say that if you’re considering Spider-Verse for best editing I can’t help but agree.

Kelly: Nah. I would pull Green Book for Best Original Screenplay and insert Eighth Grade. That’s something that more people should know about.

John: Wait, why is Sunflower or What’s Up Danger not nominated for Best Original Song?

Kelly: I was thinking about it. The soundtrack was pretty phenomenal, but the Academy has room for only one hip-hop influenced track.

John: Boo. Sunflower itself is topping the charts, how many other of the nominees can say that?

Kelly: Music charts don’t reflect how music is used in a film though.

John: True but I think if their goal is to reel in viewer it doesn’t hurt to nominate an actual pop hit.

Kelly: Uh, All the Stars has Kendrick Lamar? Lady Gaga? It’s pretty poppy already.

John: Yeah but… Spider-man. Spider-man > Lady Gaga in my heart always

Kelly: Get over it!

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