John and Kelly React! Spider-man: Far From Home, Game of Thrones Trailer, and… LIVE ACTION HUNCHBACK!?

In this edition of John and Kelly React!, we talk the trailer for Spider-man: Far From Home, the trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8, and Disney’s next live action announcement: Hunchback of Notre Dame!

react 01.23.2019 002

John: I’m miffed. The Spider-man: Far From Home trailer opens with an “Aunt May is hot” joke.

Kelly: The May joke was completely unnecessary. I mean… I get that it’s awkward to have a “hot parent” but it’s just a stone’s throw away from becoming American Pie.

John: Kind of soured me on the whole thing to be honest. I’ll be fair though, aside from completely ridding any dramatic umph that Infinity War had, I find the trailer ok but I’m not anymore hyped than I was before.

Kelly: How do you feel about Spidey Explores Europe?

John: I think it’s different. There aren’t a whole lot of stories (that I recall) where Spidey is off his turf. The potential in that isn’t lost on me. However, Jon Watts/the Marvel machine didn’t deliver any stand out Spidey action last time so idk how much they’ll actually embrace the setting to their advantage.

Kelly: Other than having a different background and variation of Spidey suit (Flying Squirrel Spidey?), I honestly didn’t notice anything that totally stood out. Especially after Spiderverse… that doesn’t help. I do like how MJ and Peter’s relationship is evolving. They’re handling it in a healthy way. Now if we could just get off Aunt May…

John: If there is one thing that the MCU Spidey has down is the kids and the comedy. The comedy was on point, especially Zendaya’s delivery. MJ was my fav character in the last one and it’s cool to see how her and Pete are going to play out their crush. The characters in general are solid. It’s just the bland action and story that bring the whole affair down for me in the last one.

Kelly: So you’re not a fan of Mysterio or whatever his name is? Is Mysterio from South Park? Shit. As far as Gyllenhaal goes, I thought his look and costume were fine.

John: I am mixed on my feelings.On the one hand Jake Gyllenhaal is Jake Gyllenhaal.

John: On the other hand, there is only one kind of Mysterio story one can tell and basically I know beat for beat how it’ll probably play out. I won’t go into it in case any readers aren’t in the know and want to go in without spoilers but the comics people will know what I mean.

Kelly: I kind of like being in the dark. It makes the movie brand new for me. There’s something nice about not knowing what to expect. Like I was genuinely surprised with Prowler’s identity in Spider-verse. Here… meh. It’s that segment with the Water Monster that failed miserably for me. Just read as super lame.

John: I won’t give anything away, but it’s the sort of thing where the character will fail solely on how seriously they’re willing to take it. The character wears a fishbowl so if they embrace the silly it could work.

Kelly: Does it have an actual fish in it? Real question.

John: No. I think it’s meant to evoke a crystal ball but its funnier to say it’s a fishbowl. Question: Does Nick Fury showing up in this second one being a sure tell sign that Spidey is the Iron Man replacement?

Kelly:  I was going to ask you about that. I would THINK so. But this could also just be incentive for MCU fans who didn’t like Homecoming. I mean, didn’t he also show up in Incredible Hulk? And we see how that went.

John: I’m pretty sure RDJ was the tease in Hulk, Fury wasn’t in it. Regardless, I’m not a fan of when Spidey and SHIELD mix. Or Spidey getting outside adult help in general. Not to say he’ll be helped by Fury in some way, more so I don’t think adding SHIELD or any other Marvel tethers adds anything to the story for me.

Kelly: Right. The more outside players added in, the less of a Spider-man movie it is. We already have the Avengers. Let’s let Holland have his own movie. It seemed like a very beat for beat trailer as well. “Here’s Peter! Here he is in Europe! Here’s his sidekick! Here’s why you liked him! TWIST- SCHOOL TRIP IS RUINED.”

John: Known actor playing Villain! Come see it!! I’m not impressed. I know I went on pod joking that Spider-verse ruined all other Spidey movies but after seeing this trailer… Yeah I think Spider-verse has upped my standards too much to care about this. I’m sure Holland and company are going to do a good job, the movie won’t be as awful as say Dawn of Justice, but I’m not rushing to go see it.

Kelly: I’m at that point where I don’t think I need to see or want to see every Marvel movie that comes out. I’ll see the interesting characters or if it looks like a unique story/villain, but I’m suffering franchise fatigue.

John: Marvel needs to step up their game if they want my money.

Kelly: It also doesn’t help that seeing things like Baby Driver or Dunkirk last year made me yearn for more originality in bigger budget movies. Even The Greatest Showman, which wasn’t that much money or even that spectacular, to some degree was still in the spectacle boat- but had aspects to it that were really fresh. What did we call comic book movies the other day? The new 90’s actions flicks? They’re just so frequent now.

John: Sidenote: Jon Favreau/Happy Hogan is a side character which furthers my Spidey is the new Iron Man theory. Which is lame.

Kelly: And no sign of Tony. Holland already had a sidekick. What’s the deal? Why does PP need a babysitter?

John: Because if we don’t connect it to the MCU how will the audience know?

Kelly: BRING ME ANOTHER TENT. Do you think Marvel was like, Spider-Man IS the most popular character so might as well make him the face? Or it’s being a Marvel-tie in because Sony wants more of the Avenger’s Pie being the outside studio?

John: I think it’s a little bit of both. Spider-man is a multi-billion dollar brand on his own so it makes sense they want to put him center stage. It just doesn’t feel like Spider-Man. Holland is still a perfect cinnamon roll though, and I’m sure he and Zendaya will have cute chemistry.

Kelly: My hope is that Sony sees the success of Spiderverse and goes easy on Spiderman. In a perfect world, Far From Home will serve as the complete integration of Peter Parker and Holland as an Avengers entity that Sony can mooch money off and fund the next Spider-verse project, instead of making another Peter Parker outing.


Kelly: It’s like trailer bonanza time. Since the Golden Globes, we’ve gotten two TV spots for the final season of GOT: Sansa telling Dany and Jon that “Winterfell is yours, Your Grace” and the one of Sansa, Jon, and Arya down in the crypts passing statues of Lyanna, Cat, and Ned. Does this make you more or less hype for the final season?

John: Well I thought the statues were meant to represent Jon, Arya, and Sansa.

Kelly: Yes and no- the statues at the end are themselves. The ones they walk by are Lyanna, Cat, and Ned. The implication is obviously Death. It would have been great for Arya to utter “Not Today” before the screen went blank.

John: I see a lot of the Twitter folk interpreting it that way. Either way, the whole teaser is full of imagery that can read as either things to come, or just as a means to build hype. We also have to take into account that Thrones is known for teasing dead characters in promo just for the hype. I recall those posters where the cast’s faces were on the walls. As for its effect on me, I can’t say I’m hyped in the fanboy sense but I’m more reminded and engaged as a fan. Like “Hey John! Thrones is still a thing!”

Kelly: On the surface it doesn’t really say much. It’s moreso the hints of “We might get around to this.” The big thing on the table is Jon discovering he’s a Targaryen via Rhaegar and Lyanna and not Ned and BESSIE. And her tits.

John: Very much so, also represented by the feather on the ground. However, like everything else in the show, it all gets taken by the ice. I doubt the show would give it away, but are we looking at an ending where the heroes are doomed to an inevitable defeat? Like if it were brave enough to do that, I might forgive the last couple of bad seasons.

Kelly: Roose Bolton, son of the Night King returns! Won’t happen. And to your point, I doubt it. It’s going to be a bittersweet ending. I think this trailer plays into the whole Bran is the Night King theory. He’s the only Stark absent.

John: Counter theory: Nobody gives a shit about Bran and they just didn’t bother including him in the spot.

Kelly: Bran plays a huge part. Look at what he’s proven to do- affect the past, indirectly kill Hodor, etc., so to leave him out of the trailer is nothing but intentional.

John: I don’t doubt it. I’m just covering all bases. You really think that they are going to go through with the Night King Bran theory?

Kelly: We’ll see. It couldn’t be any more ominous than him missing and then ice slowly creeping up on them. I also find their choice of quotes interesting, particularly Cat’s. It’s from Season 2. She’s explaining to Talisa how she hated the bastard her husband brought home, swore death on him and then realized the error of her ways- but still couldn’t love him after she prayed to the Mother that she would. Cat believed that all the wrongdoing to her family was punishment due to her mistreatment of Jon Snow.

Not to mention- it’s paired with Sansa, who Jon got along with the least. I’m interested to see how their dynamic is when it all plays out- if she has the knowledge from Bran that Jon is a Targaryen, if she hold Jon accountable for giving the North over to Dany, if she’ll be the one to tell Jon.

Shall I say- their reunion and her meeting Dany seemed… FROSTY!? It’s not as obvious as ICY but still PUNNY because WINTER.

John: Booooooo. But that’s actually a really interesting development I didn’t think of. Sansa has fully embraced the Stark name so who knows how she’ll feel about Jonaerys. Or what Arya will think.

Kelly: And along with that, they’ve all inherited the Stark sense of honor. They’re bound to frown upon a bit of incest. I’m not crazy about Jon and Dany and I wouldn’t care for even if they weren’t related. It’s a coupling that I don’t want to last too long. No more boring plank sex. What characters are you invested in the most?

John: Brienne, Pod, Arya, Bronn, Jaimie, and maybe Tyrion a little bit. I think they’re implying Tyrion has a thing for Dany and I am not on board. As for Jon and Dany I’m just meh. One of them is the messiah and I couldn’t care less.

Kelly: Ooh, did you read the leaked script from the Season 7 finale?

John: Nope.

Kelly: There are a bunch of cues in there that confirm that Sansa trusted Littlefinger up until he accused Arya of wanting to be the Lady of Winterfell and that Tyrion is indeed in love with Dany.

John: Gross. At least I hope they go for this kind of drama ‘cause I don’t know if I can deal with hours of just Ice Zombie fights.

Kelly: Anyway, I’m on board with Season 7 being given to the Starks and does the name justice. We are long overdue for their full redemption and I want them to pay tribute to Robb, Cat, and Ned. I want to see the remaining Starks all atop their own hills, you know?

John: Agreed. And no more gratuitous nudity. Its winter for gods’ sakes! What is hype may never die?

Kelly: It’s going to die, but not really because we have that “We fucked up the White Walkers” show coming with Naomi Watts and Sheila Atim, so… I’m watching.

John: True. My hype has been reignited but not much. The show exists, I’m curious to see how it ends

react 01.23.2019 003


John: We have discussed this before, but now it’s real!

Kelly: It’s happening. And… it’s a musical? Hopefully? I mean, the only redeeming factor about that movie is the music.

John: COUGH and the stunning/revolutionary ANIMATION COUGH

Kelly: What is so revolutionary? And how will it look CGI?

John: To sum it up, the techniques used in the crowd sequences were revolutionary at the time. Both creating said crowds and adding CG backgrounds for 2D animation But in a lot of ways the original is flawed. The allure of this remake is making a more complete and mature vision of what this story can be.

Kelly: How so?

John: Tone wise a remake can be down to earth and dramatic. The original has too many “for the kids moments” for it to be taken seriously. We’ve seen a version of this on the stage, but hopefully the live action won’t go as dark as that. Its accurate to the book, but there is a hopeful and uplifting message that the Disney version just does better.

Kelly: Someone asked me why Disney would approach such a dark piece in the first place. I really think this was a passion project for Alan Menken. Like once Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin were such big hits and Pocahontas was off his plate, he wanted to do something more classical, different in tone, something based purely on the musical trail he was on. And the studio was like, Fuck it, it’s Alan.

John: Accurate, and what he came up with was incredible. I believe it deserves a second chance. At least on film.

Kelly: Right. It is one of the Disney classics that will present a lot of hurdles but also deserves a second chance. I mean, it’s a lot more politically incorrect than Beauty and the Beast. I can see why they would want a different version and kind of bury the other one. So this doesn’t fall into your Lion King territory?

John: No because Hunchback is an imperfect movie. Along with the uncomfortable portrayal of the Romani people, the film is something worth revisiting on a technical and cultural level. Lion King and Beast are peak Disney, so they don’t need to revisit it because they are already good. At least that is just my personal belief.

Kelly: To go along with that, it really is a movie that would benefit from more time. Like as far as people-characters go, Aladdin is pretty straightforward and wrapped up nicely. I’m not sure if it needed a full-length live action feature film. Hunchback could use another half hour or so. The pacing of it is awful. I blame the gargoyles as the sidekicks.

John: Definitely. Also, did you know that Josh Gad is producing? Meaning, he will most likely take the lead.

Kelly: Hm. He has the right range for it. Quasi has pretty demanding songs. What’s your take?

John: I think it’s the obvious choice, he’s the Disney golden boy right now and I don’t doubt that he’s one of the reasons this is even being made.

Kelly: I’m more picky about who they cast as Clopin. I know he’s not Romani, but Andrew Rannells would make an excellent Clopin.

John: For Clopin, Esmeralda, and all the rest I hope they cast accurately. There was already a cynical twitter poll on who Disney would most likely cast as Esmeralda and the lead was Zendaya.

Kelly: I mean, even I thought of Zendaya as Esmerelda. I made a joke about that on our pod because I do lazy casting in musicals based on voices.

John: Exactly. It’s kind of silly asking Disney to cast with some integrity but they really should.

Kelly: Is it silly though? Look at their casting for Mulan. Star Wars? They’re making changes. Small changes, but they are there.

John: It seems like they’re trying to be on the right side of this issue more than other studios. On top of that I saw a few tweets from disabled folks concerned with the casting of Quasimodo himself. I’m honestly not sure what the answer is there but I hope their voices are heard regarding this casting. Quasimodo is seen as a positive representation as an animated character but how does the casting come into play when there has to be a physical performance?

Kelly: Right. I don’t know if they could get that correct in this representation, for lack of a better term. Ethnicity is one thing, but casting a person with a disability in a role that is pretty physically demanding for a fully able-bodied person- it puts them in a tricky spot. I’m just thinking of the tons of things Quasi does in the animation. And the huge pile of paperwork that would come if something were to go wrong. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make up for it in other areas. At least hiring a consultant of some sort would solve a lot of it.

John: In all things, it starts with having those people in the room in the first place. As said before Quasi is an important character and if they can do it in the most sensitive way possible it will only enhance the film.

Kelly: It would be cool if they spread opportunities to the demographics represented, as they did with Moana and as Taiko Waititi did with Thor: Ragnorak.

John: Also that they get Charles Dance as Frollo.

Kelly: We didn’t even talk about Jafar’s casting. After Luke Evans, are they just casting villains as hot?

John: Are you saying Charles Dance isn’t hot???


I’m saying he totally is. Fits all my categories: British, over the age of 46, chilly blue eyes, deep voice that tells me to hug cacti.

John: Well, I just hope they don’t opt for some 40-something hunk. Unless its Hugh Jackman. Which we also mentioned in our Disney Remakes Pod!

Kelly: I want someone with a hella deep voice. Basically anyone who has played Javert. Except Russell Crowe.

John: Agreed.

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