John and Kelly React! Golden Globe Nominations, Can We Get Joel McHale in a Spiderman Movie?, and that Avengers: Endgame Teaser!

In this edition of John and Kelly React!, we talk surprises as snubs at the Golden Globes, discuss Nuts 4 Nuts, Joel McHale in Spidey (PLEASE!), and… that Avengers: Endgame trailer.

React 12.11.2018 004

Kelly: Golden Globe nominations are out. Two words: hot mess.

John: Glad to see BlacKKKlansman well represented in the categories. So far I see no real snubs, mostly predictable. I don’t think I saw Boy Erased in any of big categories besides acting

Kelly: They correctly threw in BlacKKKlansman into the dramas for once… but then added in Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born to the dramas when any movie involving music is typically classified as a musical for the Globes. Now is it just me or do the big picks seem comedy inclined? The Best Picture category for Comedy or a Musical is pretty full and it’s possible they moved Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born over to accommodate those bigger, more successful movies- particularly Crazy Rich Asians. Green Book, Vice, and The Favorite are three legitimate contenders for Best Picture at the Oscars. Drama has Best Picture contenders too but it’s arguable that dramas were not as successful this year.

John: Vice kind of barely fits the comedy category no? Is Vice even a comedy???

Kelly: Well, let’s see: political, presents a character actor as a Republican President, Christian Bale in a fat suit. I’d say yes. It looks like a dark comedy from what I can tell.

John: Fair enough.

Kelly: I would think Green Book is also in the “on the fence” category- it wasn’t originally a comedy until Ali and Mortensen discovered they had a good chemistry. I think Bohemian Rhapsody is the most puzzling, whether it’s in the right category or not.

John: I mean it makes sense from the Globes standpoint- it’s the most high profile and mainstream, lot of audience love.

Kelly: It’s just so on the fence with everyone. You either loved it or you were indifferent. It’s by no means a technical achievement or even acting. Malek was good but was he GOOD? It is this year’s Tourist.

John: Or Greatest Showman. We all know the only reason it was nominated is because they wanted Jackman at the party.

Kelly: That was the Hugh Jackman train. Loved by all seven continents. I’d say this year’s Greatest Showman is Mary Poppins Returns. That’s not even out for wide release. They literally just want to invite Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel.

John: Yeah but it was a safe bet. Gotta have at least one musical in there

Kelly: I don’t see any huge surprising snubs But I am surprised that the usual suspects didn’t make their way in aka Meryl Streep for whatever she touches and using Widows as an excuse to send an invite to Viola Davis. I’d list a legit snub as no Michael B. Jordan in a Supporting Role for Black Panther.

John: Yo. That’s right. What the hell golden globes???

Kelly: You think that would be an obvious pick for them- big star, high budget, a little overdue (for the first Creed, I think). We can also include annual nominees Ryan Gosling, First Man, and Damien Chazelle. I didn’t see it but I know how awards season loves Gosling and I think… Unpopular opinion: Cillian Murphy is a better Ryan Gosling than Ryan Gosling.

John: Ouch. But not inaccurate.

Kelly: He just brings a wee bit more depth to the Basic White Dude character, you know?

John: That’s totally fair. Cillian deserves an award someday. Nolan should make him the lead in something already.

Kelly: I’ve been waiting since 2005. Predictions?

John: I’m calling A Star is Born for Drama, cause Hollywood digs showbiz movies. My personal picks would be BlackkKlansman or Black Panther, but I’m leaning more for Spike.

Kelly: Huh. I actually think they might give it to Spike Lee this year. I can see Gaga winning though.

John: Comedy is up in the air for me, most likely going to Green Book.

Kelly: I think Vice has Awards Bait written all over it. But I’d love to see Viggo finally win something. Anything. He’s had enough filler slots. Not his best performance, but I’m hopeful for one day.

John: True dat. I also wouldn’t mind seeing John David Washington take it.

Kelly: I’m putting money on Cooper with Best Actor Drama that one. He’s probably the favorite, no pun intended.

John: As far as any other categories I have yet to see most, mainly because they aren’t in wide release. But I’m rooting for Spike and Company all the way!

Kelly: I am pumped for Ludwig Goransson to steamroll every single Original Score category this year. I know we usually ignore the Television stuff, but any predictions?

John: I have not seen any of these shows so I’ll let you take this one.

Kelly: I’ve only seen a handful. These always seem like popularity contests to me, more than the movie categories. There are a bunch of shows that I want to see but I tend not to get around to them until like… summer time. Barry is a very Hollywood/Industry show so I wouldn’t be surprised if that won. I’d really love to see The Good Place win everything though. And I might be the only person that watches Genius, but I thought Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso was just so well done. That would bring some great spotlight to a very niche show.

John: I didn’t even know that that was a thing until just now.

Kelly: (I found it while researching Michael McElhatton works.) Every season they focus on a different, revolutionary figure of an industry- a gamechanger basically. The first season was Geoffrey Rush as Einstein, obviously. It was good, but the second season is actually a lot better done. Like they really figured it out. I think the first season took a while to get there.

John: Dope. Shall add it to ze list. Any final thoughts on the Golden Globes?

Kelly: Final thoughts: There is a lot more category crossover this year than I can remember. Things that would typically be considered a musical or comedy (I’m thinking of last year’s comedy nomination of Get Out). are in the Drama and vice versa. I wonder if that’s them taking a more serious tone OR in general, an attitude in Hollywood that things need to lighten up/hunker down. Like I don’t see anything about the end of the world in here or a really, fucking serious drama, you know?

John: Yeah, with the exception of Michael B Jordan being snubbed, not a lot that seems out of place or even controversial nomination wise. I feel like most of these are gonna carry over into the Oscars. With the exception of Bohemian Rhapsody. Because that movie is bad.

Kelly: I feel the same way. Also, Mary Poppins. I have a feeling that’s just Disney being Disney.

John: Could be. But that Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Kelly: But it’s weird. This might be the first time where the GG are actually legit.

John: Somebody better check if hell has frozen over.

Kelly: Well, they did leave out Gosling so… And Davis.

John: And Meryl Streep…

Kelly: So that apocalypse, eh?

John: The last thing I’ll say as long as the globes are being legit, let’s give the animation prize to Mirai or Spider-verse. Both are getting incredible reviews and actually pushing the medium. That’s all I want for Christmas.

Kelly: I’d love to see Spidey take it. It is legitimately one of the most visually unique looking films we’ve had in a very long time, especially for animation. I’m going to call Incredibles 2 but we all know who the real winner is.

John: Right??? And its still got an 100% on RT. But of course, it’ll go to Pixar or Disney. Le sigh.

Kelly: It will be ok. Just think of Paperboi getting his big break this year.

React 12.11.2018 003

John: Speaking of Spider-verse, I thought of something. Bryan Cranston as the new J Jonah Jameson.

Kelly: No! He needs a huge villain role. If they hired Joel McHale as JJJ.

John: Nah too young. Don’t think he can rock the ‘stache

Kelly: Give him a haircut and a few years. He’s got the tone down.

John: Honestly if they find somewhere to fit him as a Spidey villain, I’d buy it. But like a total C lister character. There’s a dude who throws boomerangs. That should do it. Look at this dork. He is perfect for McHale.

Kelly: You mean as like, a five minute thing a la Paul Giamatti as Rhino or whatever shit that was.

John: Or a recurring henchman.

Kelly: Nut vendor. Nuts 4 Nuts.

John: He actually has a crew of losers he rolls with who had their own series. I love them

Kelly: Nuts? Or the dudes in the crew?

John: We’re on different wavelengths. What the hell is nuts 4 nuts?

Kelly: Nuts 4 Nuts are street vendors in NYC that sell fresh roasted peanuts for a dollar! They are legendary.

John: Sounds cute. The thought of Joel McHale being a nut salesman brings me joy. Either way I need Joel McHale as a D-list Spidey character… WAIT. He was already in Spider-man 2…

Kelly: Not enough by my standards.

John: Same. These movies need more comedic actors playing henchman or D-listers. We can only see Spidey stop muggers so much.

React 12.11.2018 002

John: Avengers 4 is officially called Avengers: Endgame. I hate it. Hate the name.

Kelly: Me too. It’s a little anticlimactic. They spent a long time protecting it and it sounds like a young adult novel. Like a Hunger Games sequel.

John: I get it’s a reference to the last movie. I get that it expresses the conclusive tone of the flick. I get all that. It’s just lame.

Kelly: That and the title card looked like a Mortal Kombat game. Like early 90s video games. What did you think of the teaser? I know it’s not the trailer-trailer, but I didn’t find it that exciting. It’s probably the first ten minutes of the movie aka process and fallout from the Infinity War.

John: Here’s a hot take. That was completely unnecessary. Like have a preview yes, but have it be a minute long, end on Thanos armor, show release date.People are going to see it no matter what. This is the rare case of a film not needing a trailer at all. Did it make me more excited? That’s a big no. It told me stuff anyone would know if they saw the last movie. “The team is in shambles, the dudes who weren’t in the last movie are in this one now.”

Kelly: Absolutely agree. But you know it is giving a small impression that Tony will be the one to get offed in this one. There was A LOT of Iron Man in it. That was my biggest takeaway

John: I will give it that. Biggest sin however was the Ant-Man tease. Completely botched the tone.

Kelly: What do you mean? I thought he felt thrown in.

John: Like we open with Tony Stark about to die, then lead into “Hey guys! It’s me! Ant-man! You know Ant-Man!? I wasn’t in the last one!”

Kelly: Also, no questions answered about or in Antman and the Wasp. Was that an inconsequential movie? most likely.

John: Most people think Ant Man’s quantum nonsense is the key to stop Thanos.

Kelly: Well yeah, but the movie didn’t exactly provide a lot of insight on how it would do that.

John: Can’t argue with that, pretty sure there was a line in there about a time vortex. Either way. This trailer was meh. Could have easily done without it.

Kelly: I understand they don’t want to give anything away but they want to keep people hype. I do think sometimes staying dark is the best way to go. It builds suspense.

John: Exactly.

Kelly: The way I feel about Endgame teaser is how I felt about the GOT trailer. No new information since it was past clips. The difference is that they mostly used earlier seasons and characters that we might have forgotten we missed. Avengers doesn’t really draw from nostalgia or present new info.

John: I was, like many people assuming that the title was going to be Avengers: Forever. It’s hopeful, and also speaks to the way that the Avengers will go on even after certain characters/actors leave.

Kelly: Avengers: Forever is somehow cornier though.

John: It’s a movie about magic space rocks, it can be a little corny.

Kelly: Not at all. Look at the tone of it. End of the world.

John: But by the end they’re going to make everything all right so it works. If I had to choose between the corny endgame or corny forever, I prefer forever.

Kelly: It’s too hopeful. And if someone bites it… it doesn’t really fit.

John: Honestly Infinity War Part 2 would have been fine

Kelly: Or something douchey like. Infinity War[s]. Or even Reign of Thanos. Or Avengers: Gauntlet. The Gauntlet, rather.

John: Fine, but we can all agree that Endgame is super anticlimactic.

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