John and Kelly React! That new Star Wars series, Pedro Pascal, Padme Amidala, and Simon Pegg!

In this edition of John and Kelly React!, we get to the furthest corners of the Star Wars ‘verse including the newly announced Star Wars Mandolorian series, starring Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano and its uncanny resemblance to Firefly, Simon Pegg’s support of George Lucas, and Naboo’s weird election of a fourteen year old (who supposedly used a disguise but named her decoy handmaiden after herself)!

React 11.27.2018 003

John: GOT/Star Wars crossover confirmed- Pedro Pascal is officially going to play the lead in one of the Star Wars shows.

Kelly: NICE. He has Star Wars written all over him. He’s got the Han Solo swag.

John: The Mandalorian show. It’s going to be dope. Mandalorians are less swag more badass. But Pascal could bring the swag. I am a lot more excited about this show than I was before. I’m not a huge Job Favreau fan so that didn’t sell me on the show, but I love Pedro. He is one of the most charming actors working today, whose also plays rage well. Plus, the premise seems right up his alley. “A lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.” Plus, it takes place in between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens. As a fan of the lore, I am down to see what that era looks like.

Kelly: Pascal looks like he was born to play a Star Wars role, no matter the part and preferably as a scruffy Rogue. I think he has a lot more range than people give him credit for but he does always ooze cockiness when he’s on screen. He’s a good pick. Anyone who loved Oberyn- and I don’t know anyone who didn’t- will take time to watch this show. You said Jon Favreau is involved?

John: He is writing the series I believe

Kelly: That’s good. I think he’ll bring a lot of experience from the Marvel entities.

John: He’s got a lot of goodwill with Disney right now. Jungle Book made money, and they’ll probably blow up the box office with Lion King.

Kelly: I don’t mind Favreau as long as it’s not Ironman 2. He’s done fine otherwise. Now, as far as Pascal goes, he was more Han Solo than the guy they hired to play Han Solo.

John: Accurate.

Kelly: Who is this lone gunfighter and what galaxy is it? As far as you know.

John: Pascal’s character I assume. I believe this series is a completely original story pitched by Favreau. If I had to bet money, I would say the majority is going to play out on the outer rim. Scum and villainy abound. Here’s a thought. The series is focused on a Mandalorian, they’re where Boba Fett gets his cool armor and gear from. They’ve got a huge fan following, and are pretty bad ass. They’re best described as a clan-based warrior society. But seeing as how the show is based on a “lone” gunfighter that might not be the case in the show. That could be interesting in itself.

Kelly: Yeah, I’m sensing a “This is how Boba got his armor” deal. I know, no one likes that. But that’s what I’m getting.

John: Takes place after his death so I doubt it. Maybe they’ll pull a retcon that Pascal is Boba’s son.

Kelly: Ok well there’s that. I mean, he doesn’t look dissimilar form Daniel Logan and Temeura Morrison.

John: I have a theory that this show is going to make up for a Boba Fett solo movie.

Kelly: I think they will at least try to satiate that. They did hire an actor best known for a character who met an untimely end so. I guess that’s Pascal’s specialty. But who wouldn’t want Pascal in space!? I get so many Firefly vibes from how it is sounding.

John: This Disney streaming service is definitely getting my money.

Kelly: I don’t know if I would go that far- depends on what else is in there.

John: True, but I love me some Disney. So, they’ve already got me in their pocket.

Kelly: Did you know he was in a very early episode of BUFFY?

John: Nooooo. . . Which one????

Kelly: Season 4- he’s the first college boy she gets a crush on. Spoiler, like other Pascal roles, it doesn’t last long.

React 11.27.2018 004

John: DAMN. Still on season 3.

Kelly: Season 3 is the best season.

John: I will perpetually be stuck on season 3 forever.

Kelly: I will say that Pascal is an actor who, I mean, his career has gotten bigger since GOT but I am surprised it’s taken so long for it to really take off. Season four was four years ago and his big projects are just starting NOW. Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Kingsman. Feels like it should have happened earlier. Actually, now that I think about it, it is a bit surprising HBO didn’t keep him for Westworld.

John: That would have been dope. I believe he was doing Narcos after Thrones. He’s certainly deserving of high-profile roles.

Kelly: Oh yeah, Narcos. Something I need to get around to. Actually. This show really does sound like Firefly the more I think about it. Next thing you know, Reavers will be coming in, he has a ragtag gang of pals kind of like rogues gallery, he wears a maroon duster coat, that kind of thing.

John: I know, I’m down! I am sufficiently hyped.

Kelly: Speaking of which, we also have Gina Carano announced to join the cast, and I’m getting a huge Zoe vibe from her. I expect she’ll be handling a bulk of the action.  She is an ex MMA fighter that turned actress about nine years ago, first with Haywire and then the F&F series. She also dated Henry Cavill and was a frontrunner for WW at one point. She wasn’t great at MMA but she was the prettiest one pre-Ronda Rousey and that’s pretty much how she got big.

John: I am unfamiliar with her work. I wonder if this is an indication of the direction of the show. Disney’s got the money to make an action spectacle.

Kelly: Anyway, the addition of Carano gives me less of a serious GOT feel. Less dramatic. She’d be good on say, Arrow or something, so I think that says a lot about the tone. But really, she’s got that Zoe kind of loyal sidekick feel. EVERYTHING IS FIREFLY.

John: I’m sure everything can connect to Firefly in some way. As all things should.

Kelly: I mean, I don’t mind but I at least want Gina Torres to show up in the flesh.

John: For all we know the Mandalorians are a scattered bunch. Or Pascal’s an outcast. His swag was too much for his clan.

Kelly: He steals something from them, they kidnap him, and he becomes a part of their troop. Beauty and the Beast in space.

John:  He could play Jar Jar Binks and I’d still watch.

Kelly: Now I know who’s not on that I’ll Watch list for you right now. Simon Pegg. And he was doing so well! What was his offense?

John: Well, he had thoughts on Last Jedi. Specifically, “I miss George Lucas.” I have thoughts, but you had more criticisms of Last Jedi than I did.

Kelly: Criticisms that I realized I don’t actually care about.

John: Still, I’m curious your take on this.

Kelly: He does have a point. There’s a sort of endearing kitsch that’s missing from this new series. I mean, they’ve gotten very creative with the weapons but there’s nothing that’s like “Oh that’s COOL” in the kid fun kind of way. It’s a series that is very much made for adults now. Adults that still want a piece of their childhood. Man Children.

John: Honestly, I think people will never be satisfied. Star Wars fans especially. And I’m not going to say they’re in the wrong, but at some point, one has to come to grips that sometimes a product isn’t 100% for you.

Kelly: I absolutely agree. And I also think that there are too many people that are confused as to why things change twenty to thirty years later.

React 11.27.2018 005

John: Force Awakens was a complete return to form, it was as classic Star Wars as it could possibly be. Fans didn’t like it because it was too much like the old movies. The Last Jedi was subversive. It called to question a lot of established lore and wasn’t afraid of burning shit down. The fans think it’s TOO different. What do fans want? I don’t know. But I sure as hell don’t want George Lucas back in control.

Kelly: I also don’t want George Lucas back in control. He tends to let things get too far away from him. They should keep him in the pitching sessions and then make him leave.

John: Exactly. George Lucas only works if he is collaborating with people. The whole reason the prequels happened is no one was willing to tell him no. No George. Jar Jar is not the key to all of this.

Kelly: Did he really say that?

John: He did. Now on Pegg- I respect and love Pegg, but no one is ever going to relive their childhood. Star Wars specifically. It’s a movie birthed from compromise and turmoil. A true lightning in a bottle movie. Also, my personal hot take: the best Star Wars movies have minimal involvement from Lucas. Empire and Last Jedi. Just saying’.

Kelly: I don’t think there are a lot of people who would disagree with you on that. Maybe Last Jedi. But not Empire. It’s universally accepted as the best one. For those fanboys, I can see why the nostalgia is there, especially for people who had that original trilogy contribute so much to their young lives. But it’s not fair for, say, The Force Awakens and The Phantom Menace to come out and people assume that it’s not doing the same for that generation simply because it wasn’t the exact same experience they had with A New Hope or doesn’t give those people the same butterfly feelings. There’s absolutely no way of knowing that other people aren’t being affected by those works in the same way, especially those seeing the series for the first time.

John: Exactly. What doesn’t work for you specifically doesn’t mean it isn’t working for others. It’s tough because I get that as fans people sort of take ownership of a work but at the end of the day, it isn’t yours. It isn’t even Lucas’ anymore. Like some people claim Star Wars is dead. The box office begs to differ.

Kelly: Yes- people want to own the property rather than the experience. I’d most likely have the same thoughts about The Fantastic Beasts series. Let’s not even bring up The Hobbit. I haven’t seen the predecessors to the original Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series simply because I know the experience that I had with those originals was valuable and something I probably won’t ever get again. It’s 10 to 15 years later, I’ve grown up, I know how special effects work- I’m not an impressionable audience any more. Do I want more? Yes, but at the same time, it’ll always live on with me and I’m perfectly fine with what I have and what I was able to get. And since my lens has changed, I can afford to be impressed by other things. Not everyone is wired that way though. It’s natural to feel protective of something you love.

John: Yeah, it’s a lesson I’ve only learned recently.

Kelly: Aaaaaaand that’s pretty much how I feel about all of my ex-es. I just realized. I was as bad girlfriend I guess… Good thing I never dated a giant Star Wars nerd.

John: You’re never going to relive your childhood, and accept things aren’t always made for you in mind so no need to lose your shit over it

Kelly: Make Star Wars Great Again?

John: Star Wars is already great. Don’t @ me Last Jedi haters. As for Lucas- Thanks for the film museum, stay away from Star Wars. Also, I just want to be clear, I don’t hate George Lucas. I think the way fans demonized him is super uncool and awful. He did what he wanted with his movies when he owned them and that is his right as an artist. Just. Never again…

Kelly: I agree whole-heartedly and also, dude- peer pressure. Everyone I was in class with loved Star Wars when the prequels came out. My parents (OT watchers) didn’t like them at ALL but that didn’t stop them from getting me Amidala action figures. It’s only when I got a little older that people were like, “Prequels suck.” I never felt pressured to say that until other people did. And even now, I’m not sure if that is information fed to them or their own honest opinion. I’ll get shit for this, but I don’t mind the Prequels as much as other people do. I mean, my general feelings are that they’re bad but I enjoy watching. But it’s said so angrily! Lighten up, people!

John: You’re asking Star Wars fans to chill?? Good luck with that. And before anyone says anything, I am a Star Wars fan so don’t even.

React 11.27.2018 006

Kelly: Side note- it just occurred to me that Queen Amidala’s first name is Padme. Padme is also the name she assumed as she was disguised as the handmaiden. Do you mean to tell me that NOBODY on Naboo put this together? I mean, I guess it took me 20 years to realize. But still.

John: Hm. Maybe nobody knew her first name?

Kelly: Not possible. Naboo was run on democracy. She was elected.

John: I wonder what her platform was. Also, this is more of an age thing, but are the Naboo just more mature and developed? Otherwise why is this planet electing a teenager? It’s possible but only if aliens.

Kelly: Her platform was liberating Naboo from the Trade Federation. She might have just been very smart.

John: Doubt it, pretty sure that debacle happened after she assumed the throne.

Kelly: What do you mean doubt it? That’s all of Episode I.

John: I’m just unclear on the timeline. John: You’ve probably seen it more than I have so sure.

Kelly: Naboo was part of the Trade Federation at the start of Episode I and the battle in it was them getting out of it. Getting away from the Viceroy or whatever. And magically eliminating racism.

John: I bet space Keira Knightley became the next Queen.

Kelly: Keira Knightley played a lookalike handmaiden so you are kind of right. Fun fact. As did Rose Byrne.

John: Totally helps with her reelection campaign. I find it hilarious that Lucas’ best idea for an intergalactic civil war is a trade dispute. This is the guy some fans want back in Star Wars.

Kelly: Same guy they wanted out after Attack of the Clones.

John: Clone Wars salvaged the idea, made it more about independence from the republic. What people don’t understand is, if you don’t have someone holding Lucas’ leash, he will go off and wreak havoc. I think they’re not as bad as people say, but definitely not good. They are on a filmmaking and story level not great, but I’m not going to get hung up on the fanboy crap anymore.

Kelly: Moral of the story, 60% of “Star Wars fans” will always be dissatisfied with what they get. I get that Lucas is a fanboy of himself, really, he is. In my mind, we got the untouched purest form (OT), fanboy edition (the prequels), and now we are getting the studio versions (the now-quels).

John: Agreed.

Kelly: What’s the name for this trilogy?

John: I’ve just been calling it The Sequel Trilogy.


John: At some point we’ll need to differentiate it. Seeing as potentially more movies will come out continuing the saga. I’m happy calling this The Rey Era.

Kelly: Kylo-Rey Trilogy

John: That’s better

Kelly: See what I did there?

John: Disney, hire us.

3 thoughts on “John and Kelly React! That new Star Wars series, Pedro Pascal, Padme Amidala, and Simon Pegg!

  1. how stupid is this…you trash the prequels and then show an abundant lack of understanding on Padme’s character…Padme and the handmaiden were the SAME. PEOPLE. Wtf did you watch? were you drunk when watching TPM? Stupid. Just stupid. Both of you. a big downvote on this.


    1. My dude, I think we made it clear that we don’t mind the prequels. In fact, we enjoy them for what they are. Which is, extremely flawed works created by a single vision without any input. Especially Kelly. She loves the prequels more than Anakin hates sand. Also, we are well aware that Padme Amidala took a disguise as her own handmaiden and that for half of the Phantom Menace, Queen Amidala was actually Sabe, a decoy and a handmaiden. We were merely pointing out that Queen Amidala’s full name is PADME Amidala and she used this first name as her handmaiden “disguise” so it actually wasn’t much of a disguise at all.

      Thanks for reading though! We appreciate your passion.

      – John & Kelly


  2. how stupid is this…you trash the prequels and then show an abundant lack of understanding on Padme’s character…Padme and the handmaiden were the SAME. PEOPLE. Wtf did you watch? were you drunk when watching TPM? Stupid. Just stupid. Both of you. a big downvote on this.


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