John and Kelly React! Joker leaks, Nagini, and Creed II!

In this latest edition of John and Kelly React! we discuss the Joker leaked footage, J.K. Rowling’s affirmation that Nagini the snake was indeed a person prior to Voldemort turning her into a Horcrux, and that Creed II trailer!

react 004

John: Did you see that new Joker footage? Heath Ledger’s Joker plays up the clown thing very minimally. I’m seeing a lot of people saying that Joaquin’s looks too much like Ledger.

Kelly: I would say Ledger’s is the least clownlike. It’s honestly probably just that both have long stringy hair. The make-up is totally different.

John: From what I’ve seen, they’re going full clown. They probably leaked the footage on purpose to get hype going. I think I’m super sold on it now.

Kelly: Do people really think Ledger is a better actor than Phoenix? Was. Whatever.

John: Hm. I think they are on similar levels. They are definitely leagues above the usual Hollywood types. Ledger was a pretty boy for the longest time but after Brokeback he proved he can achieve higher. Plus it’s unfair to even compare, who knows where Heath’s career would have gone post-Dark Knight. This is making me sad.

Kelly: True. Joaquin kind of exploded as a weird method actor and we’ve always expected big performances from him. I wonder what Ledger’s resume would have looked like:

  • Public Enemies
  • At least 1 Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Dr. Strange?
  • Sherlock?
  • LA LA LAND. I might have been for that.

John: He would have been offered a Marvel gig at some point, yeah.

Kelly: But I do think certain actors would not have made it big if he hadn’t died. Like he would have cockblocked the shit out of Michael Fassbender.

John. HA. I can see that.

Kelly: Or imagine Heath Ledger as Loki?

John: I can see it.

Kelly: About that subway video- on a scale of Nicholson, Ledger, to Leto, where is it?

John: I mean it’s just a glimpse. I like the costume, I dig his mannerisms, and it looks like he has henchman/followers already in the background. It begs a lot of questions.

Kelly: I like what I see. I dig the suit, his posture… I like how retro it seems

John: Right? If this was a move by Warner Bros., it worked leaking the footage.

Kelly: Most likely it was an intentional leak- they ain’t letting just anyone use their phones that openly on set.

John: It worked on me. I’m reading this interview Phoenix gave with Collider, it seems like they’re tackling it with the right mindset: low budget, R-rated, and a character study.

Kelly: That’s cool. Phoenix probably wrote a 200-page dissertation on it.

John: The only outlier is Todd Phillips.

Kelly: Meh. I’m not worried.

John: I haven’t seen War Dogs, that seemed legit. Either way, Phoenix is gonna do his thing

Kelly: Right. He’s not in total control of what Joaquin Phoenix would do, I would think. He’s just there to shoot, let’s be real.

John: He’s writing it too. Along with the dude who wrote the Fighter

Kelly: That dude, I can trust.

John: Didn’t see it.

Kelly: Solid movie. It’s no Creed, but it’s good.

John: Adds some legitimacy. Still hyped. Maybe this will mean DC will be super experimental. I do hope this is a one and done thing. Like don’t tie it into any of the other stuff.

Kelly: You know they are going to exploit it if it makes a ton of money though.

John: Yeah but it’s not like Phoenix is gonna stick around for sequels or cameos. That’s the main reason he passed on Dr. Strange. He’s a capital A “Actor.”

Kelly: You never know. It’s Hollywood. You can’t rule anything out.

John: I mean if he’s exceptionally good then there are technically 3 Jokers currently in the comics… Comics are dumb sometimes. Plus multiverses and time travel what’s it.

Kelly: Yeah, I never really understood that. I see most of them as fan fiction, to be honest.

John: Basically, official DC fan fiction that is technically canon.

Kelly: Pretty much. It’s all what ifs and stuff that people think would be cool that provide inconsistencies across the board.

Kelly: Did we ever discuss Jonah Hill as the Penguin? If they ever use Penguin, that is.

John: I’m meh on a Jonah Hill penguin. It’s too distracting if that makes sense.

Kelly: I was too but he’s so good in Maniac, like to the point where I don’t recognize him.

react 002

John: In other news, J.K. Rowling wrote a really bullshit retcon in Fantastic Beasts 2: Apparently, Nagini is a human lady.

Kelly: I saw. I mean. It doesn’t explain how Sirius wasn’t stuck as a dog. He spent significant time as a dog, but I kind of get it. But she better have one hell of a backstory.

John: Kinda ruins the huge Neville moment though.

Kelly: Why?

John: Like instead of it being triumphant it like “Oh well, she was actually trapped as a snake and had a sad backstory. Way to go.”

Kelly: It’s a snake by that point. How is it sad? Do we even know her backstory?

John: I mean depending on the backstory, it just feels like an unnecessary retcon.

Kelly: Was she forced to stay a snake or was that her choice? She has controls over her actions as a snake. From what I understand, it’s still her decision. She’s an evil person who got close to Voldemort and was incredibly loyal to him. That’s not sad- that’s evil.  That’s like saying Hans Landa has a sad backstory. He chose to follow. He relished in it. I think it can be really interesting.

John: True, true.

Kelly: Like a more interesting, better-done Mystique seduced by Magneto. And him luring her in but she’s also totally for it. Awakening someone’s selfish desires isn’t sad. They were there all along.

John: That could work. I’m sure they’ll magically explain any inconsistencies. Maybe her turning into a Horcrux magically keeps her young?

Kelly: Could be. Or. Well. I know they get into a bit where it’s pretty much unheard of to make a living thing a Horcrux. Which. Hm… It’s weird that Voldemort’s soul would latch onto harry when originally trying to kill him then.

John: Seeeeeee. Whatevs, It’s not the only inconsistency in the Potter-verse.

Kelly: Right? Hermione should have made a fuckton of Felix Felicis and kept it in her little bag. That would have been consistent.

John: Why do children need permission to go to a village yet first years are sent out to a monster-filled forest as detention? Stuff like that.

Kelly: That’s not an inconsistency. That’s poor supervision.

react 003

John: Onto the Creed II trailer.

Kelly: What did you think?

John: Concerns. Ryan Cooglar did such an extraordinary job on the first one that it’s gonna be super tough to live up to it. It also is the director’s first film so that also might be a factor. My other concern is that they are really playing the whole Drago connection super seriously even though Drago and the whole of Rocky 4 is basically a Saturday morning cartoon of a movie. But besides all that all the actors look like they’re gonna kill it again, and I do like seeing Dolf Lundgren. I didn’t see the first one in theatres but I’ll give this one a shot.

Kelly: All fair points. I think it looks great. It’s a beautiful looking trailer. Lots of echoes of the first one’s aesthetics. I’m not crazy about the Drago angle and I don’t like that they are riding on the Rocky history, since Creed felt so much like its own movie.

John: Agreed.

Kelly: This one feels dependent on the Rocky character.

John: Well, Drago did kill his dad but again that’s silly in itself.

Kelly: For me, I think it will be more about if Creed feels like its own series. The first one paid homage to Rocky but didn’t really NEED the Rocky character for it to be a good movie. I’m hoping that rather Drago/Rocky being played up, it’s more about how Creed and Rocky feel that surrogate father position and that relationship is more pronounced.

John: We’ll see. The first one did a good job of balancing the Rocky connection.

Kelly: I felt like it was the perfect amount as to not take the story away from Creed but still reminding us of legacy. And playing up on the theme or legacy without being too pandering or too on the nose.

John: Consider me hyped.

Kelly: Did you feel like Creed had a clear victory? It’s one of the few sports movies I felt genuinely emotionally invested in about while watching and I think that’s key to a successful sports movie. It has to feel authentic.

John: At the very least you have to be invested in the characters.






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