Kelly Likes Deadpool 2 (2018)!

Deadpool 003Rating: B+

Summary: Our favorite mercenary must protect a young mutant.

I already have a feeling this sequel is ten times better than that Ant-man sequel we’re getting later on.

Deadpool is to comic book movies as The Producers was to Broadway musicals. Man, this was an enjoyable movie. A really nice and concise storyline that allowed the characters and dialogue to breathe without feeling slow or rushed. I really had a great time watching this. I possibly had a better time watching this than Infinity War. After just a load of STUFF that overwhelmed the senses- Infinity War, Ready Player One, and I’ll toss in the upcoming Jurassic World… Deadpool 2 was a nice breath of fresh air- the graphics aren’t meant to sell me and overall, the scale of the movie is much smaller. Just sit back and have a good time.

Taking place fairly soon after the first movie, Deadpool is out doing his merc thing and must save a young mutant boy Firefist (newcomer Julian Dennison- think Russell from Up gone wrong) from Cable (Josh Brolin- again). Little does he realize the fulfillment a little F word will bring him. And there’s no end of the world! It really is about moving forward, letting things go, and not being afraid to see how far you’ve come. Sure, there are explosions- but they’re not the only things going on.

I don’t want to give too much away, but there are some emotional beats in this movie that really make you understand the characters and their personalities and love their dynamics. Deadpool has understandable motives and reasons for doing the things he does in this outing. I wouldn’t say it’s thematically as strong as, say, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (although Brolin gives Michael Rooker a run for his money stealing the movie from the lead), but it does a solid job of capitalizing on the fun and using it to pivot the story while keeping everything in tone with the Deadpool feel. It’s really quite an achievement. Color me impressed.

I was surprised at how good of an ensemble piece Deadpool 2 was. Shoutouts to the filmmakers and writers for working around everyone’s standout features so everyone gets a bit of something. Even the X-Force is memorable and distinguishable. I daresay I liked Brolin a lot more in this too than I did in Infinity War. It probably helped that I could see his face and his deadpan grumpy dude attitude had me cracking up. If Jeff Bridges wasn’t around, I’d cast Brolin in all grumpy, gruff, affectionate old man roles. Zazie Beetz as Domino also does an amazing job with the time she’s given and is a total scene stealer.

Deadpool 001

As for the humor- it’s still there, but it wasn’t expletives for R-rated sake or as gratuitous as the first movie- a lot of the jokes and references had points to them. I really liked how clear the subject was, but how the joke was also able to hit back on Deadpool. There are some amazing references to the Justice League and the DC universe that work so well within the dialogue of Deadpool. Nothing overstays its welcome either- the jokes come and go without taking over the movie and its plot. Those are the best kind of references!

To sum it up, I think Deadpool 2 was better than its predecessor but I like them both pretty much about the same. I don’t think either are particularly revolutionary in any way (minus showing that R-ratings aren’t always gratuitous and can be done within this genre) and Deadpool is kind of a fratboy oaf, but these movies are really enjoyable and for the right reasons. It’s unfortunate that I can’t refer to it as a series just yet- there are only two! It does feel like we have more though- probably due to star Ryan Reynolds’ lifelong commitment to being a troll and his highly entertaining Twitter feed. I do hope we get to see more of this pack.

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