Kelly Liked Coco (2017) a Whole Lot!

cocoposterRating: A-

Summary: A family that has banned music, a son that aspires to be a musician. Rebellion.

Man, this was a good movie. That’s a really strong A-, meaning I thought it was great all-around and it has very few flaws but I didn’t cry and therefore I just can’t give it any higher. If animated movies don’t make me cry, then what good are they!? (For the record, tears in the first 6 minutes of Moana. It happened.)

I get why people would cry over this though- coughJOHNcough.

Coco is just… a gorgeous movie in all aspects.  It’s a story that can be understood and appreciated at any age, by any sex or gender, from any culture. It has some lots of wonderful, memorable characters, good dialogue, excellent voice work, even better animation. It’s an all-around winner that deserves a lot of the acclaim it obtained upon its release. What makes Coco so grand and spectacular is are the consistency and strength of its themes, dynamically interwoven with Mexican heritage, specifically the traditions around The Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos), where ancestors get to visit their living family members and you get to spend the day reminiscing about weird Uncle Ted. Everyone has a weird Uncle Ted.

(I’m actually not going to make a huge deal about the music here. It’s diegetic and music overall plays a huge part of the movie, but it’s not integral to the storytelling. It’s like Pitch Perfect in that sense. Uh, tunes are catchy. Yup. Anthony Gonzalez as our protagonist Miguel has a hell of a voice. I like it.)


Aside from the vibrancy of the movie, the other thing that makes Coco so good is how tight the story is, by its use of storytelling and hint dropping. Like this is Game of Thrones-level foreshadowing. I saw some articles call it predictable but considering the following:

  1. Under Disney
  2. Pixar’s big release
  3. Animated
  4. Goofy animal sidekicks
  5. Anticipated kids audience
  6. Family-friendly story

It’s just expected that a lot of kids are going to show up. There has to be enough to let them know what’s going on.  I found the hint-dropping as subtle (I watch too much GOT to fairly say that) and there’s a nice cohesiveness to it all. It’s a full circle. I mean, the title of the movie is Coco and the character of Coco is revealed within, what, the first five minutes- I would expect them to play an integral role somehow. My point is fan theories are fun and it was fun to do during the movie. Basically, there are enough hints if you are paying attention to figure out the hijinks. If you’re not, I can see how some of the things would be a bit wilder and left-fieldy. Either way, it was a great time.  Especially because I was right about most of it in the process and now I don’t mind if the Bolt-on theory isn’t true because I won Pixar. NEXT.

I’m a little late to this one and it does make me a bit sad. I feel like Pixar should always be seen in theaters. Obviously this didn’t happen but the good news is- it looks great from the couch! Everyone get pumped for that Netflix release!

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