John and Kelly make Game of Thrones Season 7 predictions!

It’s the one-week countdown to the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones! John and Kelly recap on some characters, make their predictions, and get very creative with hashtags. Spoiler Alerts!

No matter what, we all want this to happen.

Overall thoughts on the show?

Kelly: I think I am more of a fan than John, comfortably between a casual viewer and a fanatic, even though I did all my viewing and reading in 2016. I’m good at staying away from spoilers, so I don’t know who has popped up on set or whatever. The show has some incredible characters that drew me in- I would say it was Tywin, Tyrion, and Catelyn that made me a fan.

The show has a lot of holes they need to fill before moving onto the big White Walker War so it will be interesting to see how the resolve all the political drama in King’s Landing. There are things that are definitely going to play out differently in the books (Roose Bolton/Red Wedding Revenge, Maergary Tyrell, the Martells, and Sand Snakes, etc), but I think everyone is on the same page when it comes to Dany ending up on the throne with Tyrion by her side as Hand. I do wish the format of the show had followed the earlier seasons, where things would slowly unfold instead of “go to X so A can happen, go to Y so B can happen.” Seasons 5 and 6 felt like I was just waiting around for Episode 9 (oh, but they were worth it).

John: I came into this show late into the first season and was really hooked on its unconventional fantasy setting. Lord of the Rings with more realism and violence? Sign me up! I had never read the books so I was viewing the story with fresh eyes. The strengths are in the dialogue and character interactions. I feel the show is weakest when it gets super gratuitous with the violence, sex, and straying from the books. I also can’t let slide how the show is exploitive of sexual violence towards women. Overall though it is an engaging and fun show to watch.

Kelly: Ok, as an LOTR-movie fanatic, I take offense to comparing LOTR to GOT. It’s one of the reasons I put GOT off for so long. Minus the fantasy aspects, they are nothing alike. One is about adventure and classic good versus evil and the other is deep political themes that paints everyone as a shade of grey. Just saying!

John: It’s got swords and people with overly long names! Close enough!

What did you gather from the trailer?

Kelly: I think the big emphasis here is the line “The lone wolf may die but the pack survives.” Clearly, a Stark Reunion is in order!

John: Looks like lots of people gonna die.

Where she left off: Last we saw, Arya made her way from Bravos to Westeros. Specifically, she straight up killed Walder Frey and served some Frey Pie.

Kelly: Not going to lie, I was delighted that someone had finally gotten vengeance on the Red Wedding, even if it was a 15-year-old (I think she’s supposed to be 15 in the show). It’s been three seasons and Arya is the only character that has acted out against it. I was hoping for a more epic Roose Bolton death via Sansa or Jon (the whole “killed by his son’s hand” thing pissed me off- still salty), as I think the audience still needs closure from the Red Wedding- it’s one of the most significant events for House Stark and nothing from the show seemed to go back to it until Frey Pie.

After a lackluster Season 6 where all she did was wax-on/wax-off, I’m hoping Arya makes her way North with Needle and realigns herself with the Starks. I would personally love to see a reunion with Jon, where he’s the one to completely bring her back to her old self. And maybe she finds Nymeria and a pack of wolves to help her out.

John: After two whole seasons of boring assassin training, Arya’s story is finally more interesting! Arya’s story always was very skippable for me. Hopefully, in this season she gets to cross off more names off the Arya Shit List. I’m with Kelly on wanting to see the #StarkFamilyReunion2017. I miss the dynamic she had between the Hound so if she were to meet up with him again that would be super cool.

Kelly: I wouldn’t be surprised if she kills the Hound by the end of the series (maybe he’s so wounded after Clegane Bowl) and I would love if they revisited the ending of Season 4. She has gained the ability to kill since she left him and It would bring it full circle.

GOT05Jon Snow
Where he left off: In Season 6, Jon came back from the dead and fought in the Battle of the Bastards. He also reunited with Sansa and is in the process of taking back the North (King in da Norf!)

Kelly: I think Jon is going to run into Tyrion, who will convince him to join Dany. Mind you, I think this comes during or after the Targaryen/Lannister blow out, so probably towards the end of this season. Jon had some really nice scenes with Tyrion in Season 1, so the characters have some respect and knowledge of each other. It would make the most sense for them to go back to this… but GOT tends to steamroll things that make sense so maybe not. At the end, he’s either going back to the Wall (maybe not because he left in such a huff and Edd is handling stuff), will be Warden in the North (maybe not because of Sansa), or die. But not before he fights off some WW! I will save this death for next year and hope for some more scenes with Ser Davos.

John: I would honestly not be surprised if they decide to completely off him. The line in the trailer spells doom for one of the Stark Kids and honestly Jon as a character is becoming a bit too invincible for my liking. I see him continuing to form alliances to fight the ice zombies. I think they will save the Jon and Dany dream team forming at the end of the season

Kelly: I think the reason for Jon and Dany seeming invincible is due to actual continuity and faithfulness to the books. They’re the only characters to steer clear of minor changes or merging of characters, such as Jayne Pool/Sansa, Vargo Hoat/Locke, and Aerys Oakheart/Bronn. It’s clear they both play major roles at the ends. Sidenote: More Lyanna Mormont! Some are saying she’ll be set up as a bargaining chip via marriage, but I can’t see her accepting that too easily.

John: The show could use a lot more Lyanna Mormont. #BEARQUEEN2017

At some point, someone’s gonna drop the fact that Jon is a Targaryen. My money’s on Bran telling Jon his unorthodox origin. (Hopefully with a Rhaegar and Lyanna flashback maybe???) Another way they could do it is Dany could possibly see a family resemblance. An even cooler way is if Jon somehow catches fire and is unburnt. That in itself would be a badass visual.

Kelly: Does Dany even remember what her family looked like? Minus Viserys? It’s not clear if Bran made the connection that R + L = J. He just knows Lyanna had a baby and doesn’t know who the father is. That reveal should be interesting. I like the point you made about Jon catching dragon fire or maybe the dragons will be tamer with him and that will be a sign. Then Bran comes in and confirms everything after a vision.

Where she left off: Last season, Sansa teamed up with Brienne and Podrick (and Kelly cried), reunited with Jon, and aligned herself with the Vale/Littlefinger in order to win Battle of the Bastards.

Kelly: Sansa can go a lot of different ways. I can see her becoming the Queen of da Norf with some sort of marriage, locking in an alliance. I think she’s in deep enough in cahoots with Littlefinger and she will openly clash with Jon.  The Starks can’t trust her- but I can easily see her coming to her senses and sacrificing herself so Arya or Jon can live. Essentially, this will make her both the lone wolf from the trailer and part of the pack as well. Either way, she or Arya is killing Littlefinger. I want Sansa to do it because she needs to get her hands dirty. I chalk her death up in this season.

John: I really do hope she remains loyal to her family in the end. The show seems to be leading up to her being a formidable piece in the Game… of Thrones. I’m really hoping for her to play Littlefinger like a harp but something tells me he’s not the sort of guy who gets played.

GOT04Tyrion & Dany
Where they left off: Tyrion and Dany, along with Varys, Yara, Theon, several Martell and Greyjoy ships, are making their way to Westeros.

Kelly: Tyrion and Dany are going to blow some King’s Landing shit up. Tyrion remains the Hand. Next.

John: From the trailers, it looks like we’re finally going to see Casterly Rock. I mean it’s going to be invaded by Dothraki and Unsullied but hey at least we get to see it! Dany is going to be on the warpath and I hope we get to see her try to win over the Westerosi people. Those guys deserve a break. It would be interesting to see the reaction from the other houses. I mean the Lannisters sucked, but at least they didn’t have dragons to impose their will. Will Dany have to go full on Conqueror or will she try the gentle approach? Either way, it will be interesting.

I hope Tyrion gets some closer with his siblings. Either violently or nonviolently. (I choose violence). It would be satisfying for them to take King’s Landing.

Kelly: Say what you will, but I liked the Lannisters or at least I liked Tywin Lannister- Charles Dance is a golden lion. It’s Cersei that mostly sucked. I’m pumped for the Lannister/Targaryen/Dothraki/everyone else fight. It’s pretty clear to me that dragons = win. What’s important is that it remains to be seen if Dany will take a husband after this. A lot of people are predicting she and Jon do the right thing for the realm and get married. I can’t say I agree with this- it seems too convenient.

John: Not to mention really icky and gross.

Kelly: But the Targaryens are known for incest! So if you can’t beat them… have sex with your sibling and/or family member?

got07.jpgThe Hound
Where he left off: The Hound came back last season and joined forces with Beric Dondarrion and his band of Merry Men.

Kelly: #CLEGANEBOWL #WHATISHYPEMAYNEVEDIE #ALLABOARDTHEHYPETRAIN. If this season doesn’t have Clegane Bowl, masses of fans will cry in anguish. The Hound was making his way North- if the Lady Stoneheart/Sansa merge is complete, they’ll align themselves with House Stark. I can see House Stark moving South to warn everyone of WW and then unintentionally joining the King’s Landing fight (also bringing Jon to Tyrion), and then we have CLEGANEBOWL. Also, Did you know Beric has a sword that can catch fire!? Whoa! #notAzorAhaithough

John: SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! It would probably be incredibly contrived but it will be so badass.

GOT08Jamie and Cersei
Where they left off: Jamie came back from Riverrun to see Cersei on the throne, post-Wildfire ka-boom. Cersei has no more fucks to give.

Kelly: My prediction is that Cersei aligns herself with Euron Greyjoy, only to get wiped out by dragons. Jamie and Cersei die together. He definitely is the one to kill her. Hopefully, it’s in the arms of Brienne, who tells him what a good person he’s become. I can’t see the two of them lasting past the end of this season.

John: Cersei is definitely going to die by Jamie’s hands. She pretty much has no chance of winning against Dany’s armada or the dragons. Then again the show has turned unwinnable situations into victories for the bad guys sooooo…

Jaimie will live to see the #IceZombieWar2018. He will hopefully die a hero in the arms of Brienne. And then they will kiss. Just because.

Kelly: No no no, Brienne and Jamie can’t be a thing. They are based on a relationship of honor and respect. Plus, she belongs with Tormund!

John: Regardless of what happens, Cersei will drink lots of wine while wearing very nice outfits.

Kelly: Most importantly, where the hell is Bronn in all this? He mentioned he was North of the Wall in Season 1- maybe he’ll have some insight to the WW. was just background decoration last time and he deserves so much more. I can see him turning on the Lannisters, if and when promised gold and maybe a particular Sand Snake. Or just straight up dying by someone else’s noble hand.

Where he left off: Bran saw the fight between Ned and Arthur Dayne and the birth of Lyanna’s baby. In a moment of greediness, he went into a vision and was touched by the Night’s King. He and Meera were brought to the wall by Coldhands (Benjen).

John: So Bran can time travel. . . Didn’t expect that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bran continues to mess with the timeline either causing the events of the present or trying to find a solution in the past. There’s also the fact that Bran was named after his ancestor Bran the Builder. Maybe they are one in the same?

Kelly: Don’t care. Next.

JK. Bran is definitely Bran the Builder or causes Bran the Builder to become Bran the Builder. I think he’s going to go back in time- it was shown last season he can be heard and influence the past. Bran is pretty much the Winds of Winter title of the next book. Ahh, Flash Point! Maybe he’ll even meet up with Sam so the two of them can provide really convenient exposition (“Well, I saw this and I read this” kind of BS). #nerdsunite

MV5BMTQ5MzA5MjkwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjA3MTE2OTE@._V1_Theon and Yara
Where they left off: Theon brought Yara to Dany and helped align House Greyjoy to House Targaryen. Yara basically proposed to Dany and it was super cool.

John: Who cares. Yara is pretty cool though. She should totally marry Dany and become the Sea Captain Queen of Westeros.

Kelly: Yara will live. If she dies, it’s fighting, but I need her to go back and rule the Iron Islands. It would be cool if all the major Houses were led by women at the end.  I think it’s important to remember Theon has been begging to die but was never killed and part of that is because he never really accepted what happened to him- it would have been out of pity. He’s come a long way and he’s ready for it now. I hope Theon dies in a moment of redemption. He did save Sansa and caused that whole Sansa/Brienne scene and… (cries)

John: He killed two innocent boys and publically displayed their burned bodies. He’s been dead to me for a long while.

How do we want the season to end?

Kelly: I want Sansa to realize what a good boy Podrick is (she deserves a nice boy) and they can run away together and live in the woods. Bronn goes with them to protect Pod and recruits the Hound in the process, because it turns out they make great drinking pals. The Hound supplies fresh chicken every day. Tormund and Brienne live nearby. Realistically, I want Arya to kill some shit and I want them to sort out all the political BS before hockey season starts.

John: I hope we tie up as many loose ends as possible. That way Season 8 can devote the majority of its time for Ice Zombie slaying and giving the characters their due. Also, Gendry will return, riding atop a bull, and charging towards the White Walkers with a flaming war hammer.

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